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Imperialist-Pirate Skirmishes
Date January 10, 2017 - January 22, 2017
Casus belli LoI raids on Arrgh
Result Hostilities end due to OWR-LoI War and the demise of the League of Imperialists
Preceded by
Oxymoron War
Succeeded by
MLK Weekend War

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League of Imperialists

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Border Cameron7778

Border DragonK
Border Ogaden

45 members
8,877.69 score
25 members
17,039.14 score

The Imperialist-Pirate skirmishes were a series of small battles between League of Imperialists nations and Arrgh nations beginning during the Papers, Please conflict and ending with the League's disbandment due to a different conflict. On January 10, 2017, Arrgh publicly recognized the League of Imperialists as an enemy due to multiple raids on Arrgh nations while Arrgh was already at war with numerous other alliances in the Papers, Please conflict. Arrgh nations retaliated against League of Imperialists nations when available leading to multiple counter raids. Arrgh planned to continue hostilities with LoI after the end of Papers, Please on January 20, 2017 leading to some negotiations between the two alliances. No deal was reached, however, and a larger offensive was being planned against LoI with other alliances when the OWR-LoI War also broke out leading to the end of the League and the de-facto end of hostilities.

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