Imperial Amenrian Special Weapons Division
Founded 2042
Allegiance Amenria Flag The Empire of Amenria
Branch Air Force
Role Nuclear, flame, and otherwise experimental weaponry
Size Classified
Nickname The Thousand Suns
Motto "Brighter than the sun."
Colors Red
March Playing with Fire
Special Weapons Division Leader

The Imperial Amenrian Special Weapons Division, or simply the Special Weapons Division, is a Division within the Imperial Amenrian Air Force.

History Edit

China and Russia have been long familiar with flame and nuclear warfare, and it's only reasonable the Empire of Amenria had a specialised division for it. Led by a man known as the "Death Judge", this division is one of the most fearsome ones in the Empire, and has seized multiple victories since its foundation.

Military Doctrine Edit

This division has access to the most powerful bombs and artillery in the Empire. However, most units in this division are slow and have relatively weak armour, making them sitting ducks when being approached by fast/powerful units. To fight vehicles, kill infantry and destroy structures more efficiently, the "Death Judge" has developed a more potent mixture of napalm, known as "white napalm". This division is also responsible for the development of Amenra's most powerful nuclear bomb, the Izanami Bomb.

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