Imperial Amenrian Navy
Jinwu back view

The Jinwu, one of the IAN's best warships
Founded 2042
Allegiance Amenria Flag The Empire of Amenria
Branch Navy
Role Border patrol, law enforcement, naval warfare
Size Classified
Nickname The Black Turtles
Motto "Dark, mysterious, and deep as the ocean."
Colors Black, dark blue
Mascot The Black Tortoise
IAN logo small

The Imperial Amenrian Navy is the navy of The Empire of Amenria.

History Edit

Founded on 2042, shortly after the unification of Asia by Cheonsa, the Imperial Amenrian Navy is a combined force of the navies of the formerly separate Asian nations, as well as the militants of HALO.

Military Doctrine Edit

As with the rest of Amenria's armed forces, the navy combines high-tech weaponry with overwhelming numbers and pure power, usually in the form of monsters. However, the latter is tend to be used under certain circumstances, as the navy's monsters are usually giant sea monsters such as kaiju and sea serpents. Its superweapon, the Susano-o Sonic Emitter, sends a sound wave to the depths of the ocean to summon sea monsters and aid the Navy in battle. How the Empire managed to control these beasts and keep them from rampaging though, is unknown.

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