Imperial Amenrian Mechanised Warfare Division
Founded 2043
Allegiance Amenria Flag The Empire of Amenria
Branch Army
Role Advanced armoured vehicles and drones
Size Classified
Nickname Army of Machines
Motto "With will and power stronger than steel."
Colors Orange
Yukimura Hideyoshi

The Imperial Amenrian Mechanised Warfare Division, or simply the Mechanised Warfare Division, is a Division within the Imperial Amenrian Army.

History Edit

Since the foundation of the Empire, Yukimura Hideyoshi's faction of magnificent machines were part of the Infantry Division. Of course, the brilliant man behind these machines was not pleased with this and asked the Heavenly Emperor if he could lead his own division the following year. Understanding that the temperamental scientist did not work well with others, he decided to let him do so, giving birth to one of Amenria's most advanced military divisions.

Military Doctrine Edit

Whereas the Infantry Division often flood the battlefield with men and the Supernatural Warfare Division do so with monsters, the Mechanised Warfare Division make use of the best armour and drones available to the Empire. The creative and intelligent nature of the Division's leader led to the discovery of new, revolutionary war machines such as the Ronin and the Monster Komodo. Whenever the treads of his tanks or the legs of his mechs move towards the enemy base, General Yukimura is certain to ensure its destruction.

Notable Members Edit

  • Cinderella
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