Flag of Iberia

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Basic Details
Headquarters Europe
Color Black
Status Defunct
King Silent Spectre
Arch Duke Severus Knight
Duke of Aragon (IA) Lord of Puns
Duke of Portucale (EA) ChaoticGamer
Duke of Leon (MA) {{{minister4}}}
Duke of Castille (FA) {{{minister5}}}
Alliance Rank 40
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Nuclear Knights Protection Treaty
Brotherhood of the Clouds Protection Treaty

Iberia is one of the alliances in Politics & War.


History Time Line

Iberia was founded on 1 January 2016 by Silent Spectre and Severus.

1 January 2016:

Alliance founded.

3 January 2016:

Officially protected by Nuclear Knights (formerly InGen)

20 January 2016:

Officially protect by Brotherhood of the Clouds


The Charter of the Royal Dominion of Iberia


We, the united and sovereign nations of Politics & War, do hereby come together in the interest of mutual economics and defense to form the great alliance of Iberia. Utilizing old Iberian ideals, and some modern traits, the alliance of Iberia stands alone in the creation of nation leaders training in warfare and diplomacy.

I - APPLICATION 1. Any member of Politics & War is eligible to apply for membership with Iberia, as long as they are not currently engaged in war. 2. Members must apply on the Iberia Forums and in game. 3. Applicants must change their color to White. 4. Once approved, members are masked as a Trainee, and must enroll in the Academy.

A. This requirement may be waived by a government member for experienced players.


1. The Academy process formalizes the training for Politics & War and includes lessons on Iberian Culture and Organization. 2. During this time, applicants become Trainees, and Trainees are expected to sign in, read guides, and pass an exam. 3. Once this is completed the Trainee becomes an Iberian Citizen. 4. Trainees will not have access to member only areas.


1. Every member in Iberia from the King to the newest members are all Citizens. 2. Though some Iberians are in authority positions, every Iberian has the right to speak their mind (respectfully) and help influence the way the alliance proceeds. 3. Every Citizen in good standing has the right to vote, and run for office. 4. All citizens are required to fight during wartime, unless permission is given otherwise.

IV - GOVERNMENT POSITIONS I - The Supreme Council 1. The Supreme Council is comprised of the King and Arch-Duke 2. The King wields ultimate power within the alliance.

A. When the King resigns, he/she selects their replacement from eligible government members. If no replacement is selected, the Arch-Duke will ascend the throne. B. A King may be removed from power with a unanimous vote by the Dukes and Arch-Duke. C. Each King's rule is considered a Dynasty. D. The King of the First Dynasty, known as the Founding King, can resume the throne at any time.

3. The Arch-Duke serves as an intermediary between the King and the High Council. 3. War, Peace, and Treaties are decided in the Supreme Council.

II - The High Council 1. The High Council is comprised of the King, Arch-Duke, and the Dukes. 2. Dukes serve as the head of a Duchy. A Duchy is a specific portion of the alliance. For example, the Duke of Castille would be the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

A. The Duke is in charge of the day to day operations of their duchy. B. The Dukes provide advice to the King about their respective duchies.

III - The Middle Council 1. The Middle Council is comprised of the King, Arch-Duke, Dukes, and Barons, and will be put in place at 25 members. 2. Barons serve as the assistants to their Duke.

V - VILLAGES 1. The Royal Dominion of Iberia is split into four Duchies:

Aragon- Internal Affairs Castille- Foreign Affairs Leon- Military Affairs Portucale- Economic Affairs

VI - ELECTIONS 1. All Citizens will have a vote in the following instances:

A. Electing the King's nomination for Duke. B. Electing the Duke's nomination for their Baron. C. Passing a Charter Amendment.

2. A vote of 51% is required to pass.

1. Any nation who is caught spying or ghosting Iberia is sub is subject to appropriate diplomatic or military actions as determined by the King. 2. Any Citizen can submit a request to banish another member to a member of the High Council. The High Council will vote within 48 hours, and must receive (66%) vote for the banishment to pass. 3. Banned members may appeal their banishment in the Application Center. 4. Ban Appeals will be reviewed by the King who will make a final decision.

VIII - AMENDMENTS 1. Charter amendments brought up by Citizens should be directed to the Duke of Aragon or the King. 2. The High Council will review the amendment and vote on whether to bring it forward for a full Citizen vote.


The charter is signed this day, 1 January 2016. The Founding King of Iberia -Silent Spectre- 

Iberian Druidism

The official religion of Iberia is Iberian Druidism. There are four Druid gods to be worshipped: Anemos (Air), Gaia (Earth), Neroh (Water), and Piras (Fire).

Iberian Wars

War Combatants Outcome

Iberia Treaties

1) On January 3rd, 2016 - it was announced that Iberia would be protected by Ingen (Now Nuclear Knights)[1]

2) On January 20th, 2016 - Brotherhood of the Clouds announced it would be protecting Iberia [2]

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