Imperial Joint Supreme Command
of the Combined Imperial Armed Forces
Unified Emblem
Founded 1997
Service branches Unified Military Police
Kommando High Command
Headquarters JoSH-UA
Supreme Commander Ouroboros XXVI Pride
Chief Commissioner Bradley Tanner
Military age 18-60 years old
Conscription Kommando System
Self-Defense Force
Active personnel 771,900 (Total)
 -Pridelands: 662,000
 -Proudlands: 109,900
Reserve personnel ~2,148,800 est. total (Kommando)
Budget $14.28 billion (Total)
Percent of GDP 5.57% (Total)
Domestic suppliers Pride Defense Industries
Foreign suppliers Soviet Union Flag Soviet Union (former)
Russia Russian Federation
European Union Flag Europe
Italy Italy
Israel Israel

The Imperial Joint Supreme Command of the Combined Imperial Armed Forces (IJSC-CIAF) is the common higher military command structure of the Unified Imperial State that oversees, monitors, and regulates the different armed forces and military bodies in the Imperial Realm of the Pridelands and the Imperial Union of the Proudlands.


The Joint Supreme Headquarters & Unified Armory (JoSH-UA) located in the Imperial State District as the metropolitan area of Renevia. JoSH-UA alone occupies 14.2 km2 or 38% of the 37.1 km2 area of the entire Imperial State District.

Aside from having general command and control facilities, JoSH-UA also has its own manufacturing plants and factories as well as two training and weapons testing site, one in the outskirts of the Imperial State District and another in Overberg.


Provides training, consultation, intelligence sharing, intervention, coordination, and supply of munitions and ordnances. IJSC-CIAF maintains a modest size of heavy equipment including tanks and multi-role fighter aircraft.

The IJSC-CIAF is responsible for determining and enforcing military standards especially in equipment.

Unified Military PoliceEdit

The Unified Military Police is responsible for the security concerns in the Imperial State District. Its most prestigious unit, the 1st Renevia Guards Regiment, are tasked with ceremonial duties as well as actual protection of VIPs and landmarks. Detachments from the 1st Renevia Guards Regiment also serve as sergeant-at-arms collectively be it for the Imperial Grand Assembly or the Imperial Grand Magisterium.

Kommando High CommandEdit

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The Kommando High Command (KHC) is the high coordinating body of the Kommando System. Unlike the traditional Kommando, the KHC is a permanently active body and its staff and personnel are known as Kommissars. Kommissars are distributed into local Kommando units all over the Unified Imperial State to ensure standards and proper use of procedures and protocols.

It was created as a solution to issues of Mayors unilaterally using local Kommando unit(s) for the Mayor's own personal benefit.


Defense Applied Research & Development


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Agency for Imperial Secret Intelligence Services


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Autonomous Peace-Keeping Intervention Force

Equipment standardsEdit

The IJSC-CIAF maintains commonality and uniformity within the different armed forces and military bodies through equipment standards.

Ammunition and CalibersEdit

The following are the sanctioned gun and munition calibers produced and in service:

Weapon Platform/Type IJSC-CIAF Caliber Standards
Small/Light infantry arms 5.45x39mm, 7.62x39mm, 9x19mm, 9x39mm
Anti-material heavy infantry weapons 12.7x108mm, 14.5x114mm, 20x110mm, 23x75mm
Grenade launcher 40x46mm, 40x53mm
Autocannon 20x139mm, 23x115mm, 30x165mm, 57mm, 76x385mm
Tank gun 100mm, 115mm, 122mm, 125mm, 130mm
Howitzer 122mm, 130mm, 152mm, 203mm, 406mm
Mortar 82mm, 120mm, 240mm
Naval gun 57x348mm, 76x636mm, 100mm, 130mm, 203mm, 406mm

IJSC-CIAF Equipment Standards for Ammunition types in the 20mm-76mm caliber range include High Velocity Armor-Piercing, Armor-Piercing Capped and Ballistically-Capped Incendiary Filling, High Explosive and Incendiary Filling, High Explosive with Fragmentation Skin, High Explosive Dual Purpose Anti-Armor, and Tracer rounds. Armor-Piercing Sabot-Discarding Kinetic Energy Penetrator is being introduced as well starting 2014.

For 100mm-130mm guns, standard ammunition types include Armor-Piercing Capped and Ballistically-Capped High Explosive, Thermobaric High Explosive Incendiary, High Explosive with Fragmentation Skin, High Explosive Dual Purpose Anti-Armor, Armor-Piercing Sabot-Discarding Fin-Stabilized Kinetic Energy Penetrator, Canister Shot (High Velocity Kinetic Shot, High Explosive Shot, Flechette), and High Explosive Squash Head.

  • Ammunition types for 20mm-76mm guns
  • Ammunition types for 100mm-130mm guns


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Naval vesselsEdit

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