Hydra is an alliance that was founded on June 17, 2019, and dissolved on October 5, 2019. Despite it's short tenure, it held its own in conflicts against Haven, an offshoot of Arrgh!, as well as counters against Afrika Korps and the Ming Empire, before their alliance ranking ultimately peaked at number #48. It was a protectorate of the New Pacific Order and United Socialist Nations. In addition, Hydra was a member of The Confederation along with Weebunism, Amestris, and The Coal Mines, before leaving on September 1, 2019, while retaining Mutual Defense pacts. Their official motto is "For every head cut off, two will take its place." Their leader was High Hydrian Sol Slayer, their second-in-command Hydran Sandman 713, and their other government officials included Internal Affairs Officer Enric, Military Affairs Officer Donald Reagan, Economic Affairs Officer Allan Holman, and Foreign Affairs Officer Vasudev. Ultimately, they came to an end when Sandman 713 couped the alliance, his reasons for doing so being inactivity from Sol Slayer, therefore causing Sandman to take on several of the duties of leadership, without being able to make or change alliance policies, which he claimed caused stagnation. Upon taking power, he immediately dissolved Hydra, and declared a new alliance known as The Warriors. While the rest of the cabinet followed him, E.A.O. Allan Holman ultimately decided to rejoin Sol Slayer in The Coal Mines.                                                                                                                                                                                          

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