This alliance merged with The Misfits to form The Jedi Order on 6/1/2018.


Husaria Flag
Flag of Husaria

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Basic Details
Founded 4/9/2018
Headquarters Europe
Color White
Status Defunct
Lord Zaksaeling
Chancellor Cysona
Chief Ambassador Charles Benedict III
Steward Thew
Lieutenant-General William Wallace
As of 4/15/2018
Total Nations 42
Score 24,936.45
Average Score 593.73
Alliance Rank 46
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Principality of Zeon MDP
Atlas ODP
The Misfits ODP

Husaria reformed and rebranded from The Hanseatic League on 4/9/2018. Husaria is themed on the real life Winged Hussars, as well as the government of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Government Edit

High Government

Lord of the Husaria: Zaksaeling

Chancellor: Cysona

Chief Ambassador: Charles Benedict III

Steward: Thew

Lieutenant-General: William Wallace

Low Government

1st Banner Lieutenant:

2nd Banner Lieutenant:

3rd Banner Lieutenant:

4th Banner Lieutenant:

5th Banner Lieutenant:

6th Banner Lieutenant:

Treaties Edit

Mutual Defensive Pact: Principality of Zeon

Optional Defensive Pact: Atlas, The Misfits

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