In the The People's Republic of The New Union of States there are 2 branches the Head Minister and the National Assembly That work together to help govern, each branch is voted by the citizens.

The Head Minister Edit

The Head Minister is a position that can make laws on his own and veto laws on its own, it also brings up a cabinet which can makes laws on there own in the authority of the Head Minister, the Head Minister can switch the ministers, the ministries are The Ministries of War, The Ministries of Commerce, The Ministries of Energy, The Ministries of Raw and Manufacture Resources, The Ministries of Civil Works, The Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and The Ministries of Culture.

The National Assembly Edit

The national assembly can make and veto laws with at least 51% of the assembly vote with currently 32 seats, the Socialist Party has 20 seats the Military Party has 6 seats, the Green Party has 5 seats, and the Capitalist has 1 seats. The Way The National Assembly calculates the seats is that first they ask the parties how many seats they will run for then they have primaries where different politicians get votes, then they have people vote for the parties the, for each 5,000 votes (rounded) equal 1 seat. Then we go to the primaries and the person who got the most votes gets a seat, then take him out and repeat intill the party has no more seats left.

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