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This alliance was annexed into Elysium on April 23, 2018.  More information is available here.

House Tyrell

House Tyrell Flag.jpg
Flag of House Tyrell

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Basic Details
Founded March 26, 2018
Headquarters Asia
Color Green
Status Defunct
Queen: NoOne
Hand of the Queen: Lich King
  • Bran Stark (FA)
  • Demarlo (IA)
  • Havelock (Econ)
  • Alan Lee (MA)
  • Wyatt Half-Hand (FA)
  • Jane Rose (IA)
  • Adam (Econ)
  • Mexzx (MA)
  • Drav
Total Nations 25
Score 26,094.79
Average Score 1,043.79
Alliance Rank 48
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Aurora
Protector: Roz Wei
MDP Atlas

House Tyrell was an green team alliance founded on March 26, 2018 under the protection of the Pantheon and Roz Wei.

Official Description

House Tyrell is a powerful family within the Seven Kingdom of Game of Thrones. Their seat of power comes from The Reach one of the most fertile lands within the whole Seven Kingdom. The reason why they are so powerful, is because of its production of natural resources such as wheat.

House Tyrell was founded by NoOne also known as Arya Stark. She was second in command of Cerberus when the alliance fell apart which the members of Cerberus now follows her in the new alliance.

High Council

The Begining

  • Queen: NoOne
  • Hand of Queen: Lich King
  • Lord of Whispers (FA): Bran Stark
  • Lord of Wars (MA): Alan Lee
  • Lord of Coins (EA): Havelock
  • Lord of Laws (IA): Demarlo
  • Officer of Whispers (FA): Wyatt Half-Hand
  • Officer of Wars (MA): Mexzx
  • Officer of Coins (EA): Adam
  • Officer of Laws (IA): Jane Rose
  • Advisor: Drav


House Tyrell is split into 2 parts of government, High Council, and Low Council. Both Councils is very important to the running of the alliance.

High Council has Lord of Whispers, Lord of War, Lord of Coin and Lord of Law. The High Council is responsible for the day to day running of the alliance.

Low Council has Officer of Whispers, Officer of War, Officer of Coin and Officer of Law. The Low Council are responsible for supporting the High Council in the day to day running of the alliance. They are also responsible for listening to what the members have to say about how the alliance should be run.