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House Stark

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Flag of House Stark

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Basic Details
Founded 8 November 2016
Headquarters Europe
Color Olive
Status Active
King: Zygon
Hand of the King Darth Ataxia
Royal Council WAG: StockHunter (Tech)

MoC: Darth Revan (Econ)
TER: Darth Ataxia (FA)
Archmaester: Sojourner (IA)

Battlemaster: Zygon (War)
Nobility BL: Ballard (MA)

LoW: Vacant (MA)
LoC: Enjgine (Econ)
LoR: Darth Revan (FA)
Maester: Vacant (IA)
Maester: My2Lemons (IA)
Acolyte: Vacant (Tech)

As of 27 Oct, 2019
Total Nations 30+
Score 48,000+
Average Score 1,470.39
Alliance Rank 38
Active Blocs
MDoAP Nexus
Active Treaties
MDoAP Carthago
MDoAP Order of the White Rose
MDoAP Aurora
ODoAP Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo
ODP Strickland Propane
Protectorate Amarr Empire
Protectorate The Legion

House-Stark (HS) is an olive team alliance founded on 8 November 2016. It is the second alliance to exist under the banner of House Stark but is unrelated to the first one.

Official Alliance Description

Seated in Winterfell, House Stark is the principle house of the northern lands of Westeros. House Stark ruled as Kings in the North for thousands of years before the Targaryens came to power and conquered the Seven Kingdoms. The Starks were then made Lords of Winterfell and Wardens of the North. Our motto is “Winter Is Coming,” and our coat of arms is a gray direwolf on a white background. House Stark is known for its honorable devotion to duty.



War Alliances fought Result
Empyrea War Empyrea Victory
Arrgh-Spectrum Wars House Stark(as part of Spectrum) vs Arrgh White Peace
Red Wedding House Stark and allies vs Arrgh White Peace
Ayyslamic Crusade House Stark(as part of the non-IQ coalition) vs NPO and Horsemen White Peace
Knightfall House Stark (as part of the SyndIQ coalition) vs The Commonwealth Victory
NPO's Last Time House Stark vs Guardian White peace (early withdrawal)
NPO's Last Time House Stark vs Opus Dei, The Covenant and allies. Victory

Alliance Advertisements

In-game advertisements used by the alliance for recruitment, propaganda or other purposes:

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