House Pride
Pride Empire coa
CountryImperial Realm of the Pridelands
  • Supreme Overlord of the Pridelands
  • Emperor in the Proudlands
  • Sovereign of the Unified Imperial State
  • Crown Prince of Pride Colony
  • Grand Prince of the Cape Colony

FounderOuroboros I Pride
in 1822
Current headOuroboros XXVI Pride

The Imperial Sovereign of House Pride or commonly House Pride is the current ruling Imperial family in the Imperial Realm of the Pridelands. Founded by Ouroboros I Pride the Progenitor 1822 along with Pride Colony where he ruled as King; in consequence, he laid the foundation for the Pride Empire which was established by his son Ouroboros II. The head of the house, currently Emperor Ouroboros XXVI Pride the Peacemaker, is the designated Sovereign of the Unified Imperial State and the Emperor in the Imperial Union of the Proudlands.

House Pride has a policy for monolithic and homogeneous optics wherein the Head would always have to appear to be in control of the family and of the Empire and that there are no cadet branches.



The Imperial family is composed of HIM Emperor Ouroboros XXVI Pride, HIM Duchess Helena Gallis of Viessen, HIM Crown Prince & Grand Prince Ouroboros XXVII of Pride Colony & Cape Colony, and Princess Siana Pride.

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