House Arryn

House Arryn Flag
Flag of House Arryn

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Basic Details
Founded 04/19/2019
Color White
Lord Ronnel
Wardner Serva
Defender Engram
Economics Acee
As of 07/26/19
Total Nations 11
Score 11,154.73
Average Score 1,014.07
Alliance Rank 86
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Ming Empire Flag 2
Ming Empire
MDoAP The Holy Grail Alliance Flag
The Holy Grail
MDoAP Knights of Columbus Flag
Knights of Columbus

House Arryn is a white alliance with a Monarch government system. The color represents for the alliance as Unity and Peace. House Arryn is a Game of Thrones theme alliance, the journey of House Arryn started from 'G°T'. It has no relationship to the previous iteration of the alliance. (See the original page: House Arryn)

Ronnel led the alliance from founding on 19th April 2019. While Serva is Deputy leader of the Government. House Arryn is Protected by Ming Empire from their first step on Orbis.

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