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Basic Details
Founded October 11, 2017
Headquarters Africa
Color Lime
Status Active
Lords of Woe Death, Raoul Duke
High Fists Trojan, Doctor Famine
Blood Rider Tuck, Danial Gh, WireItUp, Chodefloss,

Elliot Locke, Silverslayer223, Pierce

As of October 26, 2019
Total Nations 32
Score 101,760.10
Average Score 3,180
Alliance Rank 12
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP World Task Force
MDoAP Schrute Farms
ODoAP Respublica Romana

Horsemen (THM) is a White Team Alliance founded on October 11, 2017 by some former members of the World Task Force.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Current Treaties:

Former Treaties:

War HistoryEdit

Ayyslamic Crusade


Horsemen Declaration of Existence

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