Hopper cameo
Hoppers, also known as Jiangshi (僵尸 jiāngshī) in China, Gangshi (강시 Gangshi) in Korea, and Kyonshi (キョンシー kyonshī) in Japan, are vampire units employed by The Empire of Amenria. They are usually deployed in teams of four, consisting of three Hoppers and a more sapient Officer. They are not photophobic and can fight normally under direct sunlight.

Description Edit

Hoppers are vampires with a sharp sense of smell, yet limited intelligence, thus every team of hoppers is led by a creature with higher intelligence level, usually humans other vampires. Due to their sense of smell, they can detect any living creature around them, giving them stealth detection abilities.

The only things that prevent them from becoming mindless predators are the tags on their foreheads and their officers. Should one or both of them suddenly become unavailable, they will revert to their natural behavior.

Assessment Edit

Pros Edit

  • Detects stealth
  • Stealthed when stationary
  • Excellent vs infantry

Cons Edit

  • Goes rogue when tag is taken off or when officer dies.
  • Does little damage to vehicles
  • Has no AA capabilities

Gallery Edit

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