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Holy Sea
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Black Skies
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Former Signatories
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Treaty Type: MDAP
Treaty Signed: August 13, 2021
Treaty Status: Active

Holy Sea is a MDAP bloc formed by the alliances Black Skies, 770, and Sanctuary.

Treaty Agreement

Article One

Mutual Defense, Mutual Aggression Pact (MDMAP). The signatories of this treaty agree to stand together, whether it be in defense from an enemy, or aggression for a righteous cause. All signatories are required to share any and all intelligence gathered to protect and maintain the security and interests of the bloc and it’s members.

Article Two

The signatories of this document agree to a structure of unified command. All governments of signatories will maintain their rankings and responsibilities. The bloc itself shall be led by the leaders of the signatories. Affairs of Internal and Economic concerns will be left to the discretion of each signatory. Military and Foreign affairs will be discussed and decided by the bloc heads.

Article Three

All signatories agree to refrain from signing defensive treaties with other blocs. Members can recommend new alliances that hold strategic importance and value to join the bloc. The signatories vow to never involve themselves in the affairs of other blocs.

In the event that a protectorate of a signatory is of suitable size and experience to no longer require a protector, they may request to become a participating member and a signatory. All protectorates will be signed by the whole bloc. This will guarantee a level of exposure to learning opportunities, as well as support and protection to the protectorate.

Article Four

All signatories must vote on bloc matters without abstention. Matters including signing protectorates, decisions to go to war and to accept or remove signatories must be voted on unanimously. The only time a signatory will lack a vote is when the issue specifically relates to the acceptance or removal of that signatory. All other votes will be concluded by two thirds majority. In the event of a tie signatories will consult the leading Bloc FA representative.

Article Five

In the event that any Signatory should wish to end their membership in the Bloc, they are free to do so for whatever reason, and may or may not state this at their own discretion. Exit from the Bloc will remain peaceful and cordial, and will be subject to a one week cancellation period, as well as agreement to return any held resources or to continue payment of any held debts to any Signatory. Should the need arise to part ways with a Signatory, the bloc will give them two weeks to get their affairs in order. The parting Signatory can waive any remaining time.



Extensions/Training Alliances

  • Black Skies Naval Academy

Bloc Protectorates

Bloc Protectorates are protected by all bloc members and hold some membership within in the bloc itself.

  • The Elites
  • The Monarchy
  • Republic of Nassau

Former Members

  • Sanctuary



  • Almighty Corporation (Protected by Sanctuary)