Hizulian Flag
Flag of Hizulian_Atlantis

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Basic Details
Founded 05/18/20
Headquarters North America
Color Lime
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
the Royal Crown Ty banff,Mumana
Lords of the Sea Grayson J Jefferson,Son Goku
Manager Breadlee170,Sonja Tralksky,Jan Smith
As of 05/20/2020
Total Nations 26
Score 16,857.18
Average Score 648.35
Alliance Rank 76
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
NAP Caledonia
Protectorate Dark Brotherhood
This alliance was founded on May 18th 2020 due to a merger between Atlantis & Hizubiki_RND. All the government members come from both sides. The most notable person is Grayson J Jefferson join Hizubiki_RND since the alliance was new and wanted to help the micro and was responsible for the merger. Grayson provides information to the alliance due to his knowledge.
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