Jarl Matt

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Jarl Matt
Jarl Matt
Member of The Syndicate
Basic Information
Founded 08/08/2014
Color Green
National Statistics
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Economy Left Left
Civilians 985021
Area 12000 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 82.09 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 39
Score 734.20
National Capital Hirdon
Other Cities Whetstead








Jarl Matt is a bearded fellow with a strong appreciation of a good single malt, although he partakes in other whiskey's from time to time. He has far too much time on his hands and enjoys spending time running a D&D game for his alliance mates and creating D&D style football games (even if no one can be bothered to play them).


TSG - August 2014 - December 2014Edit

Upon first settling in Orbis Jarl Matt joined The Supreme Gentlemen and very quickly rose through the ranks becoming a valued government minister from the start. He wrote and maintained The Supreme Gentleman's Charter, and ultimately, once the majority of the alliances leadership left to form NSO he was left in charge. He was also instrumental in the disbanding of TSG and its reformation as the new and improved Elysian League.

Cortex - December 2014 - December 2014Edit

As TSG was slowely dying out due to large number of inactive members Jarl Matt set out with Sam and Kim Jong-Il to form a new alliance to break away from TSG in the new year. However disputes between government members ensured that this alliance was never going to succeed and Jarl Matt decided to scrap the idea in favour of joining the other offshoot of TSG - The Elysian League (TEL).

The Elysian League - January 2015 - April 2015Edit

Welcomed with open arms after the failure of Cortex, Jarl Matt quickly showed his worth once again and was soon placed in government to run the Constant Aid Program (CAP) as the Minister of Prosperity. Jarl Matt eventually stepped down to pursue other endeavors, but remained in TEL. Kim Jong-Il was appointed as his replacement. The Order of the Jarl was created in honour of Matt's contributions to TEL and awarded to him and other government members, such as Andrew Ryan, who ended up leaving government. Come the end of April, TEL merged into The Syndicate.

The Syndicate - April 2015 - (Sometime 2016(?)) Edit

The Syndicate is currently where Jarl Matt resides in Orbis. In recent time, Matt is but just a whisper. Quietly, he sits on the roster of members of The Syndicate and but occasionally pops up on IRC, where he hangs out in a special channel for former members of The Elysian League.


  • Some have said Jarl Matt is a Goat Whisperer.
  • Jarl Matt cannot be beaten in a Poetry Battle.
  • Jarl Matt has Mad Slams. Brah.
  • Andrew Ryan has a city named in honor of Jarl Matt's generosity.
  • Jarl Matt's beard hides a nest of miniture pidgeons.
  • Tsar Nicholas has a tattoo of Jarl Matt on his left buttock.
  • Nich misses Matt dearly, as well as the good ol' days of TSG and TEL.
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