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This alliance was annexed into the Endless on July 24, 2014.  More information is available here.

High Standard Nations

High Standard Nations Flag.jpg
Flag of High Standard Nations

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Basic Details
Founded 12/16/2013
Headquarters Australia
Color Red
Status Defunct
President Sketchy
Vice President McGangbang
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Nicole
Secretary of Internal Affairs Kingst
Secretary of War Spaceball
Assistants WireItUp, Legionary
Score 30000+
Average Score 700+
Alliance Rank Peak: #3
Active Blocs
PPC + HSN (MDoAP) Purple Powers Coalition
Active Treaties
MDoAP United Purple Nations
MDoAP Purple Powers Coalition

High Standard Nations was a beta alliance created by members of the High Standard Gaming community. Within a month of it's creation, HSN entered the top 10 alliances, and remained there until it's disbandment. HSN was the largest red alliance during the beta, and controlled red aggressively.

On 07/24/16, High Standard Nations merged with former members of Guardian government to create The Endless.

History of Wars

Aggressor Defender Outcome
The >BLOC Party High Standard Nations Victory
High Standard Nations New Pacific Order Victory
High Standard Nations Terminus EST White Peace
The Reich High Standard Nations Victory

List of Treaties