Heaven's Gate (HG) is a purple team alliance founded on 08/29/2019 by hope. It is protected by GOONS.

Heaven's Gate

Heavens Gate Flag.png
Flag of Heaven's Gate

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Basic Details
Founded 08/29/2019
Color Purple
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Space Queen
  • Hope
  • Qwerty (IA)
  • Basil (Econ)
  • Hughes (MA)
  • Count Inra (IA)
  • Yeet Skeet (Econ)
  • Findabair (FA)
As of 1/31/20
Total Nations 30
Score 50,020.11
Average Score 1,667.34
Alliance Rank #32
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate GOONS
ODoAP Order of the White Rose
MDP Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics
NAP Morningstar


October 15th: Heaven's Gate declared its existence on the forums.

December 16th: Heaven's Gate cancels its Protectorates with NPO and OWR and signs a Protectorate with GOONS as well as an ODOAP with OWR.

Flag Gallery

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