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The Republic Of Havorithia is a country situated in North America. It came into existence on 21 June 2021. As a nation it has grown a lot in very little amount of time. Havorithia is a nation which is obsessed with freedom and won't even think about slavery. It is continuously in War with nations whose leaders abandon (Go inactive).

The flag of Havorithia


The Nation of Havorithia, formed on 21st June 2021 was a result of countless sacrifices and blood bath. Before Havorithia, the name of the nation was 'Awaza'. Before gaining independence from King Yavadel III, a cruel leader who had made enemies with all the neighboring countries of Havorithia. Other nations provided assistance to Havor Maxtern who led the rebellion against the cruel regime. They finally succeeded after the 'Civil War Of Havorithia' which ended with the surrender of Yavadel and his family. Yavadel was tried for his crimes and many people wanted his execution. But one of the leaders who led the rebellion, Mr Savvy, who now holds a position in the Military called upon people to kick him out of the nation for treason. In the end he was assasinated by his own son. His son was hailed a hero and he and rest of the family was accepted as citizens of Havorithia. Havor was elected the first leader of the state of Havorithia.


The current leader of Havorithia is Sir Havor Maxtern. He is a 17 year old high schooler. The queen of the Havorithian state is Queen Kushida Kikyou.


The Military forces are a fast growing asset of Havorithia. Prior to independence, the Military forces of Havorithia were one of the strongest and most feared in the region. But they had a bad reputation due to the then leader who was responsible for doom of Havorithians. There are three functioning industries in Havorithia. One is the production of Coal. Second is the foreign affairs with it's alliance the 'Legion'. Third is the growing research industry, which could be a threat to it's neighbours. The economy of Havorithia was very bad when the nation attained it's freedom. Since then the main source of income for the nation was trading and wars against nations who had abandoned there lands. Havorithia is committed to promoting economical autonomy. It is a strong believer in 'A good economy breeds a better youth'. Thus putting all it's focus on economy.


Havorithia is a member of the alliance Legion which is a well established alliance in Orbis. It is ranked #14 as of 7 July 2021. As of 7 July 2021, Havorithia has completed 16 years as a part of the alliance it swore it's loyalty for.