Harry Potter and the Fury of the Flying Dutchman
Arrgh-Hogwarts Treaty 2

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Treaty Type: MnDP
Treaty Signed: April 1, 2017
Treaty Status: April Fools

Harry Potter and the Fury of the Flying Dutchman was a Mutual Non-Chaining Defense Pact signed between the Arrgh and Hogwarts on April 1, 2017 to commemorate April Fools Day. It was posted in the style of a P&W Balls comic.

Article 1: No Offensive Spells Allowed Edit

Both parties agree to resolve disputes in a fashion befitting friends, by playing rock-paper-scissors, pirate poker, or wizard chess.

Article 2: Department of Mysteries, The Hall of Prophecies Edit

Each alliance agrees to share security related intelligence acquired through spyglasses, clairvoyance, the Daily Prophet newspaper or any other means, as soon as possible.

Article 3: Defense Against the Dark Arts Edit

Should either treaty partner be attacked by Dementors, Basilisk, Acromantulas or other dangerous magical creatures, the other will defend it.

Article 4: Dueling Restrictions Edit

Dueling may only be performed on the dueling stage (in the club room), under the direct supervision of a faculty member, else any mandate of Article 3 of this treaty becomes entirely optional.

Article 5: Exploring the Forbidden Forest Edit

In case a student or teacher breaks a rule or gets tired of school, this treaty may be canceled following a 72 hour notice period delivered by a howler.

Gallery Edit

Signatures Edit

Signed for Arrgh!Edit

  • Bluebear, Grand Admiral
  • Ripper, Admiral
  • Shadow, Admiral

Signed for HogwartsEdit

  • Helga 'Cuzzelle' Hufflepuff, Headmistress (Internal Affairs / Economic Affairs)
  • Godric 'BAMF' Gryffindor, Head of Magical Law Enforcement (Military Affairs / Economic Affairs)
  • Salazar 'Partisan' Slytherin, Head of Muggle Liaison Office (Foreign Affairs)
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