HSB1128 (codename "Charybdis") is an entity that manifests as a massive aquatic predator contained by HSB (a Nihon federal company) somewhere in pacific ocean.

Persons infected by HSB1128 will initially exhibit no abnormal behavior, though some cases show a general aversion to activities involving bodily immersion in water such as bathing or swimming.

Should subject ever be fully immersed in water, they will disappear completely under the surface of the water, regardless of the water's actual depth.

In most cases, subjects will reappear moments later in a panicked state and frantically try to leave the water, while in some other cases the water will become polluted with blood and debris confirmed to be the remains of the subject.

Subjects that have reappeared intact claim that they were transported to a vast ocean where they are pursued by HSB1128. Interviews with these individuals carries some risk of further HSB1128 contamination, as descriptions of the being's appearance trigger further infections.

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