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Guns & Roses
Part of the Great Wars
Date May 24, 2021 - June 13, 2021
(Duration: 21 days)
Casus belli
  • Hollywood: Rose's actions in Duck Hunt and other various grievances
  • Oasis: Stopping Hollywood's upper tier consolidation
  • Mystery Inc: Stopping Hollywood's upper tier consolidation
  • Arrgh: Bored.
  • White Peace
Preceded by
The Last Ride
Clearing the Skies

The Knights Radiant Flag.png
The Knights Radiant
BK new war flag.jpg
Black Knights
The Order flag.png
The Order
Guardian Flag.jpg
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag.jpg
Grumpy Old Bastards
Children Of The Light Flag.png
Children of the Light
Error 404 Flag.gif
Error 404

Oblivion Second Flag.jpg

Chocolate Castle
Name Withheld

The Valyrian Freehold

Arrgh Flag.png *Arrgh!

Rose Sphere

Eternal Empire of Rose.png
ASM Flag.png
Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics

Atlas Technologies

Swords of Sanghelios Flag.jpg
Swords of Sanghelios
World Task Force Flag.png
World Task Force
Respublica Romana

Flag of Orlando, Florida 2.png

The Immortals Flag.png
The Immortals
San Marino Flag.png
The Fighting Pacifists
United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations
The Wei flag.png
The Wei

Dark Brotherhood Flag.png
Dark Brotherhood
Mystery Inc.jpg
Mystery Inc

Aurora Flag.png
CamelotFlag Updated.png
Weebunism FlagV2.png


The Knights Radiant Flag.png Benfro
The Knights Radiant Flag.png Wizel16
The Knights Radiant Flag.png Allend Goodblood
BK new war flag.jpg Yosodog
BK new war flag.jpg LordStrum
BK new war flag.jpg Clown
The Order flag.png Boyce the Great
The Order flag.png David Cameron
The Order flag.png Lord Vader
The Order flag.png TigerFire
Guardian Flag.jpg Memph
Guardian Flag.jpg synthesis
Guardian Flag.jpg JtTeE
Guardian Flag.jpg Vanek26
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag.jpg SRD
Children Of The Light Flag.png Leftbehind
Error 404 Flag.gif Basebond
Error 404 Flag.gif Fabian I
Error 404 Flag.gif Decagon
Error 404 Flag.gif TRM
Oblivion Second Flag.jpg Ockey5
Oblivion Second Flag.jpg hidude45454
CCflag.png Menhera
CCflag.png Lossi
Namewithheldflag.png Bradley
TVFflag.jpg Suyash Adhikari/JadenStar10
TVFflag.jpg Hideri Kanzaki
TVFflag.jpg Blast/Scatheon
Arrgh Flag.png Sam Cooper

Eternal Empire of Rose.png Valkorion Baratheon
Eternal Empire of Rose.png Lucianus
ASM Flag.png Wunnadem
ASM Flag.png RedArmy
At.png Jordan
World Task Force Flag.png Nintendo
TI.png Tyrion Lannister
TI.png Grave
TI.png Halware
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Quichwe10
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Harry Flashman
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Kaz
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Cosmos
United Purple Nations Flag.png Matt2004
The Wei flag.png James XVI
The Wei flag.png The Royalist
Dark Brotherhood Flag.png Yoda
Dark Brotherhood Flag.png Spooky Boi
R&rflag.jpg Dreadnought
R&rflag.jpg ELSheepO
Flag of Orlando, Florida 2.png im317
Aurora Flag.png Kan0601
Aurora Flag.png Michal Aoun
Aurora Flag.png Cholank
CamelotFlag Updated.png Arthur
CamelotFlag Updated.png Epimetheus
CamelotFlag Updated.png Uriah the Fox
CamelotFlag Updated.png Azazel
Weebunism FlagV2.png Empiur
Weebunism FlagV2.png Madokami
Weebunism FlagV2.png Baam

Casualties and losses
$469.5 Billion $790.12 Billion
*Not part of any war coalition, only fought Oasis.

Guns & Roses was a global conflict that broke out on May 24, 2021 when Hollywood declared war on Rose and its allies, with Oasis subsequently declaring war on Hollywood. Part of Mystery Inc, namely Aurora, Camelot, and Weebunism, followed suit a day later against Hollywood, with Arrgh declaring war on Oasis.

This global war would be one of the first global wars not to end in a NAP. This trend would later be continued by Armenia's Revenge, Rick's Last Roll, The Big $hort, Global War 23, Global War 24 and Global War 25 all six of which took place successively.

Famous Quotes

"If we keep burning infra, we might come out of this smelling of 'roses.' " - Kekistonia