Guinea Pig Whaling Corp

Flag of Guinea Pig Whaling Corp

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Basic Details
Founded 15 August 2019
Color Green
Status Active
Captain Ahab Auctor
Helmsman Claudia
As of 14 December 2019
Total Nations 1097
Score 349,114.09
Average Score 318.24
Alliance Rank #1
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate New Pacific Order

Guinea Pig Whaling Corp (GPWC) was founded on August 15, 2019 by Auctor and has since been led by him. Its members are commonly referred to as Piggies.

Community Information Edit

GPWC is home to a close-knit off-game community of guinea pigs, who are fans of Asian (pop) culture and comics, from all across the globe. They play the game with passion.

General InformationEdit

The alliance offers a multitude of gameplay options to its members and they can either enjoy a laid-back farmer life or join the warmongers at the front.


GPWC practices a communal economy. As such, the tax rate is set at (100/100) to optimize the alliance’s production and spending. Resources and funds are allocated to individuals according to need and everyone is free to also make personal profits through wars and trade, which can be kept safely on the bank and withdrawn at one’s own judgement.

Inter-Alliance AffairsEdit

GPWC has close ties to the New Pacific Order (NPO) and the alliances strive to contribute to each other’s growth and prosperity.

Friendly relations are also held with GOONS.


Due to the community’s off-game origin, the alliance remains primarily exclusive to the aforementioned group and their friends. It is, however, possible to apply for member status. Prospective applicants must create a forum account and submit an application using the template provided here. It is encouraged to use [GPWC] in the subject line, to make it clear that the application is for this alliance and not the New Pacific Order.

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