This alliance has disbanded as of February 7, 2020. More information is available here.
(Note: Alliance forcibly disbanded by game administration.)

Guinea Pig Whaling Corp

Flag of Guinea Pig Whaling Corp

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Basic Details
Founded 15 August 2019
Color Green
Status Defunct
Captain Ahab Auctor
Helmsman Claudia
As of 4 February 2020
Total Nations 966
Score 361,903.48
Average Score 374.65
Alliance Rank #1
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate New Pacific Order

Guinea Pig Whaling Corp (GPWC) was founded on August 15, 2019 by Frawley and has since been led by Auctor. Its members were commonly referred to as Piggies.

The alliance was forcibly disbanded by game administrator Alex as part of moderation action taken during the NPO Cheating Scandal.

NPO Cheating Scandal Edit

Guinea Pig Whaling Corp was marketed as an independent alliance. However, according to detractors, in practice it was an extension of New Pacific Order. Its foundation was for farming purposes, where over 1000 new nations were recruited into the game to be farmed in the alliance in exchange for real-life goods. This in violation of Politics and War rules banning the exchange of real-life goods for in-game materials.

The alliance's controversial foundation and existence came to an abrupt end following an investigation into its illicit practices by the game administrator Alex. Government members and the leadership of New Pacific Order were subsequently banned for their involvement in its creation and management.

Community Information Edit

GPWC was home to a close-knit off-game community of players, who are fans of Asian (pop) culture and comics, from all across the globe.


Guinea Pig Whaling Corp was a farm alliance of New Pacific Order. Its members were taxed at 100/100 with the majority of their production going directly to New Pacific Order.

Inter-Alliance Affairs Edit

GPWC was a protectorate of the New Pacific Order (NPO).

Friendly relations are also held with GOONS.

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