Grumpy Old Bastards

Grumpy Old Bastards Flag
Flag of Grumpy Old Bastards

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Basic Details
Founded 23 September 2016
Headquarters North America
Color Green
Status Active
Cantankerous Sweeeeet Ronny D
Crotchety Samwise, Presidential & Sephiroth
As of 3 April 2019
Total Nations 24
Score 119,740.30
Average Score 4,989.18
Alliance Rank 15
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
NAP Guardian
MDP The Golden Horde
MDP Knights Templar

Grumpy Old Bastards is a paperless Green team alliance founded on September 23, 2016. It was originally protected by The Knights Radiant when it formed but became paperless after growing large enough to look after itself.

History Edit

Grumpy Old Bastards was founded by Sweeeeet Ronny D, and he continues to lead the alliance today. Since its inception, Grumpy Old Bastards has been a paperless alliance with no taxes. Grumpy Old Bastards has fought in four wars: Papers, Please, the Sparta-Grumpy War, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, and Knightfall. They were victorious in all of their wars until they had to admit defeat alongside their allies at the end of Knightfall.

Government Edit

Grumpy Old Bastards has no charter and is led by Sweeeeet Ronny D with assistance from Samwise, Presidential, and Sephiroth.

Military Edit

Members of Grumpy Old Bastards are expected to maintain a reasonable standing military. Members are self-sufficient, and coordinate with others during wars.

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