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The Great VE War
Part of the Great Wars
Great VE War
The Allied Flag being posted above the headquarters of the defeated Axis powers
Date 19 May 2015 - 10 June 2015
Casus belli None declared
Status Allied forces victory
Preceded by
Justice Department War on Piracy
Succeeded by
Exploit War
Seven Kingdoms Bloc

Seven Kingdoms Flag
Seven Kingdoms Surrendered
Guardian Flag
Guardian Surrendered
Mensa HQ Flag
Mensa HQ Surrendered

VE & UPN Bloc
Viridian Entente Flag
Viridian Entente
The Syndicate Flag
The Syndicate
Black Knights Flag
The Black Knights
World Wrestling Federation Flag
World Wrestling FederationUnited Purple Nations FlagUnited Purple NationsVanguard Flag
Cornerstone Flag
Uranicus Socialitas FlagUranicus Socialitas
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag
Brotherhood of the Clouds
Terminus Est Flag
Terminus Est
Rose Flag
Terradoxia Flag

Seven Kingdoms Flag Tenages Surrendered
Guardian Flag Shellhound (early war) Surrendered
Guardian Flag Memph (late war) Surrendered
Mensa HQ Flag Pfeiffer Surrendered

Viridian Entente Flag Impero
Viridian Entente Flag Sweeeeet Ronny D
United Purple Nations Flag Hansarius
United Purple Nations Flag Saru
The Syndicate Flag Partisan
The Syndicate Flag Nicholas II
The Syndicate Flag Boony
Cornerstone Flag Robert Holmes III
Uranicus Socialitas Flag Luckynako
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag Kadin
Black Knights Flag Yosodog
Terradoxia Flag Josh Freer
Rose Flag Keegoz
Rose Flag MrBooty
Rose Flag Ranoik

Ribbons Awarded
Most nukes launched

The Great VE War was a global conflict that began on 19 May 2015 with declarations of war on the Viridian Entente from Seven Kingdoms, Guardian, and Mensa HQ and ended on 10 June 2015 when Seven Kingdoms, the last standing alliance in the Seven Kingdoms Bloc (commonly referred to as the Axis) surrendered and declared peace with the VE & UPN Bloc (commonly referred to as the Allies).

The war turned into a global war immediately in a span of 48 hours with 9 alliances involved by the third day, surpassing the previous global war, with a total of 6 major combatants involved. By the fifth day, 15 alliances were involved.


Guardian, Mensa, Seven Kingdoms, Terminus Est and several other alliances devised a plan to strike down Viridian Entente along with Rose. However, it was leaked that their long term plan was to have Rose wear down VE, then strike Rose later on thus weakening both alliances significantly. Rose discovered the plot and sided with VE to take on the Axis.

In order to keep their advantage, Guardian, Mensa and SK took a pre-emptive strike in order to make sure they stuck before VE could fully militarize, and thus initiating the war on May 19, 2015. 

Rank Alliance
1 Viridian Entente
2 United Purple Nations
3 Rose
4 Dutch East India Company
5 The Syndicate
6 Mensa HQ
7 Guardian
8 Uranicus Socialitas
9 Seven Kingdoms
10 Brotherhood of the Clouds
11 Vanguard
12 Terradoxia

Rankings leading up to the war.

War progression[]

Seven Kingdoms, Guardian, and Mensa HQ, three of Orbis' alliances with known war experience and notably high average score, launched the first day of war on their initiative giving them some advantage against Viridian Entente. Later that night, SK had hit Vanguard bringing them into the war. On the third day however, counterattacks were made by several alliances namely The Syndicate, The Black Knights, World Wrestling Federation, and the United Purple Nations.

On May 22, Rose enters the war declaring on SK. In a surprising turn of events Terminus Est (originally a part of the axis) declares on the Seven Kingdoms. Cornerstone activates its MDP with VE and with Uranicus Socialitas declares war with Mensa HQ. Brotherhood of the Clouds joins the fray and declares war with Guardian creating an 11 alliance coalition against the 3 alliances.

On the same day, Guardian removed its leader, Shellhound, from his role as President, in response to the poor planning of the war. It is important to note that Shellhound has been re-rolled several days later after it was found that he was in possession of multiple accounts, one of which was planted in Viridian Entente as a spy.

On May 23, Terradoxia joins the fray and declares war with Mensa HQ, SK and Guardian.

On May 31, Mensa HQ surrendered to the allied powers

On June 1, Viridian Entente publicizes information on a failed negotiation for peace with Guardian and SK. The proposed terms can be found here However, failing to come to agreement, the discussions for peace were dropped.

On June 2 Viridian Entente established a POW accepting individual surrenders from SK and Guardian on behalf of the Allies. Meanwhile Cornerstone declares war on SK and Guardian.

On June 4, Guardian surrendered to the allied powers.

On June 9, Vanguard, Rose, and Uranicus Socialitas declared peace with Seven Kingdoms after SK publicly stated "SK apologizes if we gave the impression that we thought Ragnar was behind the leak from our government forums. We sincerely believe that he had nothing to do with it." The same day, the Viridian Entente, Cornerstone, and United Purple Nations agreed to peace with SK separately, effectively ending the war.

On June 10, Terradoxia and Seven Kingdoms agreed to white peace.

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Declarations of War[]

19 May 2015 - Mensa HQ declares war on VE
19 May 2015 - Guardian declares war on VE
19 May 2015 - SK declares war on VE
21 May 2015 - tS declares war on Guardian
21 May 2015 - WWF declares war on Mensa
21 May 2015 - BK declares war on Mensa
21 May 2015 - UPN declares war on Guardian and Mensa
21 May 2015 - Viridian Entente recognizes hostilities with SK, Guardian, Mensa
21 May 2015 - Vanguard recognizes hostilities with SK
22 May 2015 - Cornerstone declares war on Mensa
22 May 2015 - BoC declares war on Guardian
22 May 2015 - Terminus Est declares war on SK
22 May 2015 - Rose declares war on SK
22 May 2015 - Terradoxia declares war on Mensa

Surrenders and Withdrawals[]

31 May 2015 - Mensa surrenders to allied forces
4 June 2015 - Guardian surrenders to allied forces

9 June 2015 - Vanguard, Rose, Uranicus Socialitas, and Seven Kingdoms announce peace with SK

9 June 2015 - Viridian Entente, Cornerstone, and United Purple Nations announce peace with SK

10 June 2015 - Terradoxia and Seven Kingdoms announce peace


24 May 2015 - Guardian officially replaces Shellhound

Alliance Power Rankings[]