Great Leak War
Part of the Great Wars
January 6, 2020 - Present
Duration: 10 days
Casus belli
Treaty Cascade
Preceded by
The One Turn War
Global War 14

The Manhattan Cartel Flag 2
The Manhattan Cartel
North Point Flag
North Point
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IronFront Flag 2
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The Immortals
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The Commonwealth
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The Lost Empire
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The Federation
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The Regiment
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Federation of Commerce States

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The United Front

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The United Armies
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Si Hong
Unforgiven Legion

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The North Western South Region of the Far East

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Deathly Hallows

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The Galactic Empire  White flag icon Disbanded
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Brotherhood of the Clouds
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Opus Dei

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Guardians of the Galaxy
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Black Knights
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New Pacific Order
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United Socialist Nations


The Manhattan Cartel Flag 2 Dreki Darwin (until 10 Jan)
The Manhattan Cartel Flag 2 Kim Jong-unn
North Point Flag Akuryo
Avengers flag Krystel White flag icon
Weebunism Flag Empiur
IronFront Flag 2 Tom Riddle
The Immortals Flag Lord Tyrion
Pantheon Flag 2 SixSadistic66
The Commonwealth Flag Sphinx
The Lost Empire Flag Atlan
The Federation Flag Kosta
Regiment flag Simmons
Horsemen Flag Raoul Duke
Horsemen Flag Death
Horsemen Flag Trojan
811bba955c118239571e0e95f0d0c31f079f507c328 George
Fark Bozzie
Fark Kitschie
Fark This Fckn Guy
Federation of Commerce States Flag Kru
Federation of Commerce States Flag Jet Whites
The United Armies Flag Sir Carlo
Si Hong Flag Nick McScott
Si Hong Flag Kinky kali
UL Drekkza
UL Rexar
NW Flag Fain
Interstellar Flag Spartacus  White flag icon
Deathly Hallows Flag Meggles
Deathly Hallows Flag souparmon

Brotherhood of the Clouds Peace FlagCaesar
Camelot Flag-1 Arthur 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag 2 Seeker
Black Knights Flag Leo the Great
NPO War Flag Roquentin
GOONS Flag 2 Jazz R Oppenheimer
United Socialist Nations Flag DarVolt

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The Great Leak War is a conflict that began after The Manhattan Cartel and North Point hit The Galactic Empire in retaliation for theft of critical intelligence by an operative of TGE. Though only a minor skirmish at first, a large-scale treaty cascade has ballooned it into the first Global War to be waged concurrently with another, Global War 14.

Various groups within the belligerent parties have coined their own names for this war, including:

  • The Night of the Long Jorts
  • The Fash Bash Festival
  • The w00tles War
  • Global War 15
  • The Gang Gets Rolled
  • Dustbowl War
  • NP-BoC Sub-Conflict


Amid the tense stalemate of the Dial-Up War, diplomacy continued and brought forth a new political bloc consisting of The Commonwealth, The Manhattan Cartel (TMC), Weebunism, North Point (NP), Demacia, and IronFront (IF). While this bloc, internally dubbed F1, coalesced, a former governmental member of The Manhattan Cartel leaked vital intelligence which included the API keys and bank info of TMC government. TMC hit the operative's micro alliance, the Galactic Empire (tGE), in retaliation. As tGE was a protectorate of Brotherhood of the Clouds (BoC), TMC and NP executed a preemptive strike on BoC in a possible attempt to intimidate BoC. However, BoC's possession of a Mutual Defense Pact with Camelot ensured that they would be no easy targets.


The Galactic Empire Attacked, Brotherhood of the Clouds Counterattacks

North Point and ally The Manhattan Cartel launch several attacks on members of micro alliance the Galactic Empire, actions later revealed to be in retaliation for espionage operations performed by the then-leader of tGE which revealed API keys and bank info of TMC government. The intelligence data, in the form of spreadsheets, were obtained by the operative when Golden Phoenix Coalition merged with TMC. The operative claimed that he leaked the data in retaliation for the abrupt departure of BoC's previous leader and TMC's breaches of the merger agreement between them and GPC.

Now a member of North Point, BoC's former leader advised that counterattacks were incoming against NP and TMC, so NP launched preemptive strikes against BoC.

Camelot and Bloc Involvement

After the activation of BoC's MDP, Camelot 2IC Epimethius created a satellite alliance named Team RWBY, which promptly launched counterattacks against NP, followed by the remainder of Camelot launching attacks against NP.

Camelot allies Black Knights and Guardians of the Galaxy also launched attacks against NP and TMC, introduced by technicalities of a treaty signed during Global War 14.

Goonish Movements In The Night

Under the cover of darkness, GOONs launched a sneak attack on North Point, Weebunism, The Madhatten Cartel, and Iron Front. The GOONS El Presidente la Langosta has yet to make an official statement on the matter. Members of GOONS, when asked, only referred to matters as "routine exercises" and "daily operations". Over two hundred wars were declared in under 3 hours by GOONS, with even more from the remainder of Opus Dei.

On 10 January 2020, Opus Dei signed a Non Aggression Pact with Avengers, a protectorate of The Manhattan Cartel.

On 12 January 2020, The Regiment declared war on GOONS, an action intended as pushback against the well-known reporter, w00tles, a prominent member of GOONS with a history of correctly identifying infractions and following proper procedure. With major players from multiple blocs becoming involved, the treaty cascade sparked by the war transformed it from a petty skirmish to the most recent Great War.

On 14 January 2020, Interstellar surrendered to the forces of Opus Dei, a decision deemed both cowardly and ill-timed by the aforementioned bloc's opposition. Interstellar was seen as only having been involved in the war for a short time and apparently jumping ship as soon as the going got tough. The poor reception of the announcement led to a small amount of ill will being fostered between allies.

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War World Records

  • First global war to be waged concurrently with another global war
  • First global war within which a major (Top 5) alliance "switched" sides.
  • First global war to also be the first war of the year
  • First global war to have a micro as the first target
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