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Basic Details
Founded 9/9/2018
Color Green
Status Active
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  • Unlimited
  • Xonera
Head Goon
  • Alucard
Top Goon
  • Paston
  • Vokklius
  • Machiavelli
As of 1 Jan 2019
Total Nations 6+
Score 21,450
Average Score 2,613.40
Alliance Rank 69
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate The Commonwealth

Goon Squad is a Green Alliance which was founded on 9th September 2018. It is a protectorate of the Commonwealth. It is lead by Xonera and Unlimited (as of 13/08/2019).

About us Edit

Founded on the need for smaller and smarter alliances, Xonera and Limi created GS to fight conflicts winning or losing and destroy infra among major alliances while remaining small in size. Goon squad aims to also provide a growing environment for those who are interested in a tightly knit community and hate the idea of infra.

"Our alliance isnt a meme." - U

Memes Edit

Who said fighting cant be fun? .

Some major meme declarations of GS include:

  • Goonba stomp:
    • "Goonba stomp", "get stomped"
    • A reference to the Super Mario series by Nintendo and a play on words. A Goomba is a regular sight in the series, usually followed by the player (Mario) jumping on its head, killing it. Goonba Stomp is saying that the Goons of Goon Squad are going to do the same thing to you.
  • Mach is always drunk
    • "Drunk is always drunk lmao","ma dude"
    • Reference to a member of GS who is always drunk. Usually followed by a voice chat with other members of drinking age joining in.
    • Always leads to new and comedic quotes:

“It’s not brexit yet bois”

War History Edit

War Combatants Outcome
Ask Alexio Goon Squad vs Animation Domination, Rough Riders Goon Squad victory
TI vs others Goon Squad vs The Isle Goon Squad victory
Knight Fall Goon Squad vs TKR and allies Goon Squad victory
Dial Up Goon Squad vs KETOG and allies Goon Squad victory

Alliance Announcements Edit

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