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Golden Sunset
Part of the Arrgh Raids
Date February 27, 2021 -March 23, 2021
Duration: 25 Days
Casus belli Arrgh Raids
Result Arrgh! victory, Golden Dawn surrender

Arrgh Flag.png

Golden Dawn.jpeg
Golden Dawn TCM F8.jpg
The Coal Mines The Abyss.jpg
The Abyss Amarr Empire2.jpg
Amarr Empire


Arrgh Flag.pngRoberts
Arrgh Flag.pngRaoul Duke

Golden Dawn.jpegJapan (Chute Mi)*
Golden Dawn.jpegMr Rodgers
TCM F8.jpgJack Rackham
The Abyss.jpgStarfuze
Amarr Empire2.jpgrainbow

* Chute Mi would join Arrgh after the initial blitz until the duration of conflict

Golden Sunset is a war that started when, on 26 February 2021 when Arrgh mass raided Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn's allies The Coal Mines, The Abyss, and Amarr Empire would counter Arrgh shortly after.

The most notable event of the war, was the behavior of leader of Golden Dawn, Chute Mi who briefly defected his own alliance to join Arrgh. Giving Golden Dawn an Arrgh themed makeover before leaving. In resemblance of what happened to The Commonwealth during the war Alexio, Play Despacito. In both cases a government member defecting to Arrgh resulted in change to the said alliance's frontpage.

Golden Dawn's makeover

Thought as opposed to that event, Chute Mi would only briefly stay in Arrgh, before returning to Golden Dawn, even while the war between the two alliances was still ongoing, likely making it seem like a trade of propaganda for intel.

On the 23rd of March, the conflict came to a close with the surrender of Golden Dawn.

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