This alliance was annexed into Clover Kingdom on April, 2020.

Golden Phoenix Coalition (GPC)

The GPC flag
Flag of Golden Phoenix Coalition (GPC)

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Basic Details
Founded May 9, 2019 - March 24, 2020
Color Yellow
Status defunct
Discord Server Join Here
Caesar MinesomeMC
Crown Prince Sempre
Emperor's Right Hand Donaldo
Senator of Trade Joshual, Ns38
Senator of War Donaldo
Senator of the People Salamander, Parrish
Senator of the Press Derpy Duck
Senator of Diplomacy Theo, Jasiri
As of October 21, 2019
Total Nations 35
Score 34,839.19
Average Score 995.41
Alliance Rank #49
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector Camelot
MDoAP Brotherhood of the Clouds

The Golden Phoenix Coalition (4th), also reffered to as GPC or the First Empire, is a yellow trade bloc alliance established on May 9, 2019. The Golden Phoenix Coalition first was established on April 16, 2017, however, the theme is somewhat close to the 3rd establishment. In November 2019 the alliance merged into The Manhattan Cartel and then demerged on February 2nd, 2020. The alliance would continue until March 24, 2020; when it disbanded due to MinesomeMC's decision to "quit" the game because of irl issues. He would later return and the remnants of the alliance would be annexed into Clover Kingdom.

TimeLine Edit

  • First Minesome Dynasty (Era I)
    • May 9th - May 26th, 2019
    • Leader(s): MinesomeMC
  • 'Avalon Duumvirate (Era II)'
    • May 27th - June 1st, 2019
    • Leader(s): MinesomeMC, Joseph V Stalin
  • 'Second Minesome Dynasty (Era III)'
    • June 2nd, 2019 - November 2019
    • Leader(s): MinesomeMC
  • The Silent Era (Era IV)
    • November 2019 - February 2nd, 2019
    • De Jure Alliance(s): The Manhattan Cartel, Brotherhood of Clouds, The Galactic Empire
    • De Jure Leader(s): MinesomeMC, Salamander, Nathaniel
  • Third Minesome Dynasty (Era V)
    • February 2nd, 2020 -
    • Leader(s): MinesomeMC

Treaties Edit

Active Edit

Alliance Treaty Type Signed Reason
Brotherhood of the Clouds MDoAP July 2nd, 2019 Old Protector, Key Ally
Camelot Protector February 2, 2020 Epi, Demerge from TMC

Paperless Edit

Alliance Signed Reason
Arrgh 2017 Golden Phoenix Coalition (2nd)

Inactive Edit

Alliance Treaty Reason Signed Reason Cancelled
Brotherhood of the Clouds, North Point, The Coal Mines, Amestris, Weebunism MDAP Bloc Astra North Point involvement in GOONs interference of Poor Pantheon
The Federation MnDoAP Kosta TMC merge
Brotherhood of the Clouds Protector Dusty Upgrade to MDoAP
Camelot Protector Epi Camelot Stopped doing Protectorates
Dark Brotherhood Protector Old Protector of GPC DB goes to War
League of Democratic Nations,

The Global Union,

The Pyramid Corporation

(Free Orbis Coalition)

MDoAP Bloc Reuniting Old Allies GPC FA policy change
The United Armies NAP Meme Expired
Acadia NAP Attempts to bring GPC-Acadia into a War by an Impersonator Expired
FlameStrikers PIAT TooMuchBAcon GPC FA Policy Change
Vanguard NAP Simmons They Cancelled

Micro Care + Edit

Micro Care + or Micro Care plus was the official protectorate program of Golden Phoenix Coalition. The program prohibits M level treaties (MDoAP, MDAP, MDP) and provides the alliance with FA, MA, IA, and Econ advice and support. Money was also provided if seen fit.

Active Protectorates Edit


Former Protectorates Edit

Alliance Flag
League of Democratic Nations
LoDN Flag
The Dixie Union
Dixie IV
The Crimson Entente
Last Resort
Last Resort Flag
The Regiment

Wars Edit

Conflict Opponent(s) Type of Conflict Result Dates
Operation Bean Sean Phoenix Rising Offensive War Victory May 20, 2019 - May 24, 2019
Nova's Cheat Day Nova Riata Raid Victory May 31, 2019 - June 3, 2019
NPO's Last Time Arrgh, Grumpy Old Bastards, European States, Empyrea, Seven Kingdoms, The Golden Horde Defensive War White Peace June 18, 2019 - June 28, 2019
Big PP War United Alliance for Freedom Offensive War Victory July 30, 2019 - Aug 8, 2019
Tantrum War Kingsglaive Defensive War Victory October 2, 2019 -
Poor Pantheon Pantheon, World Task Force Defensive


White Peace November 7, 2019 -
Great Leak War North Point, The Manhattan Cartel, The Commonwealth, The Immortals, The Lost Empire, Weebunism, Si Hong, Farkistan, Demacia, The United Armies, Unforgiven Legion, The North Western South Region of the Far East, Deathly Hallows Defensive War White Peace February 2, 2020 - February 5, 2020
War on Socialism United Socialist Nations Offensive War White Peace March 6, 2020 - March 12, 2020

Sub-Conflicts Edit

The Typhon Standoff

Pro-Typhon Pro-GPC
Typhon (Top 10)
Typhon Flag
Golden Phoenix Coalition (Top 65)
The GPC flag
The Syndicate (Top 10)
The Syndicate Flag
Brotherhood of the Clouds (Top 50)
Brotherhood of the Clouds Peace Flag
The Enterprise (Top 30)
The Enterprise Flag

The Typhon Standoff was a short conflict that resulted from a Typhon member hitting a small member of GPC. GPC tried to negotiate peace with Typhon which failed. Due to not being in the range of the raider, GPC launched several attacks on Typhon members. Typhon seeing this as an invalid reason called in The Syndicate for support. The Syndicate and its extension launched several counter-counters. Brotherhood of the Clouds helped with diplomatic support but could not make it to the initial peace talks. Golden Phoenix Coalition paid 75 million in reparations as a result, BoC did not see these reparations as justified and stated if they were not involved with NPO's Last Time they would have got physically involved.

Operation Confederate

Dixie IV
(top 80)
The GPC flag
(top 65)

Operation Confederate was a short conflict that resulted when leaked logs indicated that The Dixie Union (TDU) attempted to poach a government member of GPC. GPC launched a few attacks and demanded an apology made immediately. TDU immediately tried to round up allies but had no success, they agreed to a peace treaty.

The Treaty of Alabama

The Teutonic Chaos

Confederate States of Orbis Pro-GPC
Teutonic Order (Top 70)
Teutonic Order (2nd)
Golden Phoenix Coalition (Top 75)
The GPC flag
Confederate States of Orbis(Alliance Bloc)
Camelot (Top 10)
Camelot Flag-1
United Purple Nations (Top 30)
United Purple Nations Flag
Brotherhood of the Clouds (Top 60)
Brotherhood of the Clouds Peace Flag
The Imperium (Top 80)

The Teutonic Chaos was a small conflict that started when logs revealed Teutonic Order government member poached a member of Golden Phoenix Coalition. Golden Phoenix Coalition took this matter to the CSO bloc and demanded $20 million and an apology. Teutonic Order denied the claims at first and GPC launched a small attack in response. Camelot alongside BoC prepared to get involved as well. The Imperium along with CSO did not support TTO's denial, in which Imperium signed a NAP with GPC in response. The peace agreement was agreed to by the poacher. The next day TTO pulled from the agreement and went back to denial. GPC as long with several alliances planned a mass raid. Camelot backed out of conflict due to the wrongdoings of the Inquisition to UPN. GPC also backed down its planned attacks and demands and accepted the member to be held accountable and have limited government authority in TTO.

Deathly Shallows

DH - Azralor Pro GPC
Deathly Hallows (Top 40)
Deathly Hallows Flag
Golden Phoenix Coalition (Top 70)
The GPC flag
Regius (Top 125)
Brotherhood of the Clouds (Top 55)
Brotherhood of the Clouds Peace Flag
Azralor the Supreme (Player)

Deathly Shallows is a short conflict that started after some debates between a member of GPC and GPC gov over nationalities occurred. The member left and joined Deathly Hallows and agreed to pay debts to GPC. A little later a member of Deathly Hallows joins alongside Azralor (the member that left). Regius would also launch an attack, but its involvement was very limited. Deathly Hallows would immediately peace and agree to pay $25m in reparations and signed a NAP as a counter measure. Azralor would also be kicked as a result. He would be removed or rejected from every alliance he applied to and as a result would surrender to GPC. He would rejoin to be taxed in order to pay the $50m debts he owed.

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