Golden Phoenix Coalition

Flag of Golden Phoenix Coalition

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Basic Details
Founded 01/22/2018
Headquarters Europe
Color yellow
Status defunct
Caesar MinesomeMC
Cancellarius de Populi (IA) Manius Oppius Magnus
Cancellarii de Militum (MA) Arthurgp
Cancellarii de Thesauri (EA) Deulos
Cancellarii de Externis Rebus (FA) Pedites Magn
Other Official(s) Governor of MA: vacant

Governor of Econ: vacant

As of 6/1/2018
Total Nations 16
Score 6348.15
Average Score 396.76
Alliance Rank #81
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Animation Domination ODP
Acadia Protectorate
Dark Brotherhood Protectorate
The Diplomatic Masterminds PIAT
League of Democratic Nations Protectorate
The Arcane Dominators Proctectorate

The 3rd Golden Phoenix Coalition is a Roman themed alliance. It is the third movement of the Golden Phoenix Coalitions. It was formed on January 22nd, 2018.

History Edit

The Golden Phoenix Coalition began as a splinter of the alliance Federal Union. It reorganized into the original GPC with MinesomeMC as emperor.

It then was involved in the Cat's Bird Hunt conflict and as a result was dissolved into another alliance.

The 2nd Golden Phoenix Coalition was started by MinesomeMC and OneLeggedSilver as founders. It was not involved in any conflicts and disbanded due to low membership, low funds and inactivity among its members.

The current 3GPC was restarted as Roman themed alliance by MinesomeMC and OneLeggedSilver being its founders. It has endured countless raids and a coup by a mercenary, but has survived with the help of new government members and a change in its Protectorates.

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Collapse Edit

The collapse of the Golden Phoenix Coalition happened when Minesome had left for a 3 week period. The members split between Steins Gate and Camelot.

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