This alliance merged with Animal Empire to form Vault 111 on May 14, 2017.  More information is available here.

Golden Phoenix Coalition

Flag of Golden Phoenix Coalition

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Basic Details
Founded April 16, 2017
Headquarters Europe
Color Yellow
Status Merged into Vault 111
Emperor MinesomeMC
Prince One Legged Silver
Department Chief of War Wisdom the Great
As of May 2017
Total Nations 13
Score 1300+
Average Score 194.23
Alliance Rank 68
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Bayonet Alliance
MDP Monroe Trading Company
ODP Animal Empire
Best Friend Arrgh!
[[category:Merged into Vault 111 Alliances]]

The Golden Phoenix Coalition was a yellow team alliance located in Europe. They were a small alliance of about 13 members. They were also the reformation of the Federal Union and unrelated to the former Phoenix alliance.

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