This alliance was annexed into Ming Empire.


GodFury Flag
Flag of GodFury

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Basic Details
Founded May 30, 2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Yellow
Status Defunct
Basileus Sir Oliver
Regent Captain Parrish
Patrician of Ares James Ironwood
Patrician of Athena Vynneis
Patrician of Hermes Ward
Patrician of Poseidon Bright
As of January 24, 2019
Total Nations 40
Score 56,720
Average Score 1,418
Alliance Rank #42
Protectorate Rose
Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts
MDoAP Ming Empire
MDoAP Pantheon

GodFury (GF) was a yellow team alliance founded on May 30, 2018, themed around ancient Greek mythology.

The alliance was formed predominantly of former members of the disbanded New California Republic.

Establishment of GodFury Edit

Before GodFury Edit

GodFury's founding members originated from the New California Republic. A small micro alliance, the NCR experienced strong growth following a period of heavy recruitment in March and April 2018. The NCR had been a relatively peaceful alliance, with little involvement in wars and raiding during this time. However, the NCR's predominantly small nations and accompanying weak militaries made it particularly vulnerable.

The NCR was subsequently mass-raided, resulting in defections to the raiding recruitment-alliance as well as to GodFury's closest and most benevolent allies, Rose.

Independence Edit

GodFury was founded on May 30, 2018, with most of the original NCR members returning, including from the recruitment-alliance mentioned earlier. GodFury has a key advantage over the NCR: GodFury is protected by Rose. Initial GodFury growth was slow but stable, however this began to pick up pace with a new wave of recruitment, resulting in GodFury proudly joining the Treaty Web for the first time.

Government Edit

GodFury has a democratic government, headed by the Basileus and his Regent. The government is divided into five houses:

  • Zeus (Head of State)
  • Ares (War)
  • Athena (Internal Affairs)
  • Hermes (Foreign Affairs)
  • Poseidon (Econ)

Ares, Athena, Hermes and Poseidon are each headed by a Patrician, who may appoint Praetors to carry out the functions of the Government.

Elections for Basileus are held 8-monthly, consisting of a fortnightly campaign period where contenders must produce and present a new charter.

Economic Policy Edit

Long-Term Economic Policy in GodFury is carefully planned into stages, promoting strong growth across the alliance. GodFury offers generous grants and growth packages to new players in particular, and large city grants to more developed nations following GodFury's city development initiative.

Advertisements Edit

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