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Global War 24
Part of the Great Wars
Date May 20, 2022 - June 11, 2022

(Duration: 22 days)

Casus belli
  • Clock: Plotting to get HW to hit Clock
  • Andromeda: Clock Hitting GATO
Result Clock Victory
Preceded by
Castle Crisis
Battle of Los Angeles

Clock Flag.jpg


Aurora Flag.png
Eclipse Flag.gif

Weebunism FlagV2.png

Terminus Est Flag.png
Terminus Est
ChurchOfAtom flag.png
Church of Atom
Daedalus Flag.png
PRIU Flag.png
Prusso Roman Imperial Union
Roman Empire Flag.jpg
Roman Empire
99942 Apophis.png
99942 Apophis
The Circus

The Back Room2.gif
The Back Room

The Commonwealth Flag.png
The Commonwealth
CTO Commie Flag.png
The Wei flag.png
The Wei
Bourbon Street Flag.png
Bourbon Street

Andromeda Bloc Flag.png

GATO Flag.png
Global Alliance & Treaty Organization
The-Hive flag.png
The Hive White Peace

Unforgiven Legion  White Peace

The Legion

Order of the White Rose Flag 20211105.png
Order of the White Rose

Las Vegas Flag.gif
Las Vegas
Strickland Propane.png
Strickland Propane
Goon Squad Flag.jpg
Goon Squad
HedgeFund Flag.png
Cosmonauts Flag.png
The Cosmonauts Surrendered


Aurora Flag.png Kan0601
Aurora Flag.png ToxicPepper
CataclysmFlag.jpg Decagon
CataclysmFlag.jpg Tigerfire
Eclipse Flag.gif Pascal
Eclipse Flag.gif Vein
Eclipse Flag.gif Patrick Stewart
Weebunism FlagV2.png Empiur
Weebunism FlagV2.png Anri
Terminus Est Flag.png Sphinx
ChurchOfAtom flag.png James II
ChurchOfAtom flag.png RandomNoobster
Daedalus Flag.pngSoumajit Sen
Daedalus Flag.pngSaikat Makar
PRIU Flag.pngPalsada
Roman Empire Flag.jpgGermanicus Caesar
99942 Apophis.pngFlora
D7ad3d6f7bc0f7153957574b43ecb968cfdfd1ce500x274620.gifKim Pockyman
D7ad3d6f7bc0f7153957574b43ecb968cfdfd1ce500x274620.gifDwight k Schrute
D7ad3d6f7bc0f7153957574b43ecb968cfdfd1ce500x274620.gif3rd Strike

The Commonwealth Flag.pngRightHonorable
CTO Commie Flag.png Daveth
CTO Commie Flag.png Krampus
The Wei flag.png James XVI
The Wei flag.png Boris Underground
Bourbon Street Flag.png HannaH
Bourbon Street Flag.png Kiloist II
Bourbon Street Flag.png Arln
GATO Flag.pngJgoods45
The-Hive flag.pngMinesomeMC  White Peace
The-Hive flag.pngAlexio  White Peace
The-Hive flag.pngCaboose  White Peace
UL.pngDrekkza  White Peace
UL.pngRex Tyranus  White Peace
UL.pngRexar  White Peace
The Legion Flag.png totem
Order of the White Rose Flag 20211105.png Sval Surrendered
Las Vegas Flag.gifFirwof Kromwell
Las Vegas Flag.gifElisif the Fair
Las Vegas Flag.gifUncle Frank
Strickland Propane.pngRazgriz24
Goon Squad Flag.jpgUnlimited
HedgeFund Flag.pngMotky
HedgeFund Flag.pngRebL
HedgeFund Flag.pngNokia Rokia
Cosmonauts Flag.pngNancho Surrendered

Casualties and losses
$147.2b $281.3b

Global War 24 was a global war that started when, on 20th of May 2022, Clock blitzed The Back Room, The Legion, and Global Alliance & Treaty Organization for unconfirmed reports The Back Room asked Hollywood to hit Clock. Andromeda retaliated against Clock due to hits on GATO.

Paperless raiding alliance The Circus would join the war on the side of Clock later into the war. Many smaller allies of both sides would also join the war, some posting declarations.

On June 11, 2022, The Back Room surrendered to Clock.


As a result of this conflict Hollywood and Celestial signed a mutual agreement to demilitarise and defend each other against any attacks until all parties involved rebuilt and demilitarised.

This sparked comparisons to the MysOasis treaty which caused Armenia's Revenge. The announcement was also met with satirical responses including a parody and a thread of Clock pictures.

It is also believed that this agreement is a possible cause of the Battle of Los Angeles which took place at the same time as this conflict.

Armistice & Withdrawals

On May 27th Clock would declare peace with The Hive and Unforgiven Legion, both would also cut their treaty with Global Alliance & Treaty Organization, who both have become involved in defence of, and dissolve Andromeda.

At the same time Order of the White Rose would announce their disbandment as their withdrawal from Orbis. This came after majority of OWR's members entered into vacation mode at the start of the war including most of their government.

On June 11, 2022, The Back Room surrendered to Clock putting an end to the conflict which had involved 26 alliances (plus extensions), lasted 22 days and caused over $400 million in damages.


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o hits on their member GATO.