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Part of the Great Wars
Date March 19, 2022 - April 10, 2022

(Duration: 23 days)

Casus belli Johnsons:
  • Proving themselves as a bloc
  • Unconfirmed leaks of Haunted Mansion discussing hitting Johnsons
Result Haunted Mansion Defeat
  • Haunted Mansion admit defeat to Fear and friends on April 7th and Johnsons on April 10th
  • Creation of a server for suggestions/feedback for Haunted Mansion
Preceded by
Polar Holy War
Royal DiVision
Succeeded by
SOLid Punch
The Johnsons Sphere

Waffle House Flag
Waffle House
San Marino Flag
The Fighting Pacifists
Dark Brotherhood Flag
Dark Brotherhood

ThunderStruck Flag

The Fear Flag
The FearVictory
Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag
Ayyslamic CaliphateVictory
The ExpendablesVictory

Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion

Fark Flag2
USN flag
United Socialist Nations
United Purple Nations Flag
United Purple Nations
The Federation Flag
The Federation Los Pollos Hermanos Flag
Los Pollos Hermanos

Polaris Flag
The Genesis Flag
World Task Force Flag
World Task Force
Santuary Flag
UCR Flag
United Commerce Republic
Spartans Flag


Waffle House FlagJacob Apple
San Marino FlagShwin
San Marino FlagOriarrow
Dark Brotherhood FlagGeneralJon
Dark Brotherhood FlagYoda
Dark Brotherhood FlagSuperdead
ThunderStruck Flaggermain
ThunderStruck FlagOrcasius
ThunderStruck FlagUriah the Fox
LATAM FlagRecluta4
LATAM FlagJose Iniguez
The Fear FlagKim PockymanVictory
The Fear FlagDwight k SchruteVictory
Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag ClownVictory
Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag WingawooVictory
Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag CrazipandaVictory
Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag BigGtheSlayerVictory

Fark Flag2Bozzie
Fark Flag2Kitschie
Fark Flag2RhealLuhb
USN flagDarVolt
USN flagMatrix
United Purple Nations FlagCora Mcstrap
The Federation FlagKosta
Los Pollos Hermanos FlagTugger
Los Pollos Hermanos FlagDusty
Polaris FlagCobrastrike
The Genesis FlagPrinceofHell
World Task Force FlagNintendo
World Task Force FlagGloboid
World Task Force FlagTapley
World Task Force Flaglucky258
World Task Force FlagFenthal
Santuary FlagBeans
Santuary FlagGeophph
UCR FlagSir Kyle
UCR FlagKjm
Spartans FlagDragonoce
Spartans FlagLlojsa
Spartans FlagEliot Lika
Spartans FlagPrithviraaj chouhan

Casualties and losses
$121.2b $201.2b
Damages according to CTOwned.net

Ghostbusters is a global war that began on March 19th 2022 when the Johnsons blitzed Haunted Mansion. The Fear and Ayyslamic Caliphate would also blitz alongside the Johnsons, with Haunted Mansion and Fear themselves claiming they were hired as mercenaries.


March 19th 2022[]

The Johnsons blitzed Haunted Mansion at day change. The Fear and Ayyslamic Caliphate would also blitz Haunted, both Haunted and Fear would claim this is due to Johnsons hiring them as mercenaries.

March 29th 2022[]

During the day change of March 29th 2022 The Expendables joined the war sided with their MDoAP allies The Fear and Ayyslamic Caliphate.

April 7th 2022[]

On April 7th 2022 Haunted Mansion would admit defeat to The Fear, Ayyslamic Caliphate and The Expendables. Haunted would remain in conflict with Johnsons following the agreement.

April 9th 2022[]

Representatives from Johnsons and Haunted Mansion held peace negotiations publicly on Thalmor Radio. These negotiations would result in peace being agreed to by the end of the show and coming into effect at day change on the 10th. The recording of those negotiations can be found here.

April 10th 2022[]

Following the successful peace negotiations Haunted Mansion formally surrendered to Johnsons bringing an end to Ghostbusters with over $300 billion in damages dealt by all involved 23 days after it began.

As part of the peace treaty a public discord server was established for the wider Orbis community to give suggestions to Haunted Mansion on how to improve.


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