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Flag of GG&FU

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Basic Details
Founded 14th September 2019
Color Brown
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
King Uriah 'the Fox'
Archduke CitrusK
Crown Prince Viselli
Duke of Gentlemen Fiji God
Duke of Relations George
Duke of Fisticuffs Moetaz & Lorhill
Count of Relations Leo
Count of Fisticuffs Ricey
As of 13th Feb 2020
Total Nations 42
Score 95,713.00
Average Score 2,278.88
Alliance Rank 14
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Rose
ODoAP Solar Knights
MDoAP IronFront

Gentlemens Gaming and Fisticuffs Union (GG&FU) is a Brown Team Alliance and the formal Continuation of Riocht Sasana after its merger with The Enclave. The alliance is a Meritocratic Monarchy headed by a King, Crown Prince,and an ArchDuke collectively known as the Lords Paramount.


Early Days

Riocht Sasana

Originally founded as Riocht Sasana by 7 former Nova Riata members, the Alliance was forced to surrender in NPO's Last Time due to their leader, Uriah, being a combatant against Coalition B's forces while he was a member of Soup Kitchen. Meanwhile they signed a protectorate with The Originals.After a period of relative peace and slow growth, The Originals started to collapse after some controversial foreign policy decisions and GG&FU (still Riocht Sasana) signed a protectorate with Carthago instead

Merger and Rebrand

On November 11th, 2019 Riocht Sasana finalized negotiations with the similarly sized alliance called The Enclave led by CitrusK. The latter merged with Riocht Sasana and made a complete rebrand to Gentlemens Gaming and Fisticuffs Union (GG&FU). Uriah and CitrusK became co-leaders of this continuation. along with one member from each part of the merger at every level of government

Merger Part 2

On February 8th 2020 Demacia ran by George merged into GGFU. A total of 11 members were added to GG&FU and around 20k score (before being rebuilt). This broke GG&FU into the top 15. Shortly after the merger Carthago turned in their 72 hour notice on the protectorate treaty under the reasons that GG&FU has outgrown them. Shortly before the 72 hours were up, GG&FU signed a new protectorate treaty with Rose.


The Liberation of Byzantium

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