This alliance was annexed into The Dutch East India Company on August 6th, 2015.

Genius Corps

Genius Corps Flag
Flag of Genius Corps

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Basic Details
Founded 05/06/2015
Headquarters Europe
Color Blue
CEO Bernie Sanders (founder)

Alex (co-founder)
Secretary of Defense Surikas
Secretary of State KyleisthegreatKyle
Active Blocs
Subsidiary The Dutch East India Company
Active Treaties

Genius Corps was a blue alliance, established by The Dutch East India Company. It served the purpose of recruiting dedicated individuals and quickly growing their nation to later be implemented into the mother alliance.

Overview Edit

History Edit

Genius Corps was established on May 6th, 2015 by Bernie Sanders of Cothroime as the Leader position of CEO. Later, Alex of Brazil also left The Dutch East India Company to aid Bernie Sanders in establishing Genius Corps and was also positioned as CEO.

Government Hierarchy Edit

The government of Genius Corps consists of three main tiers.

Tier 1 Edit

Tier 1 of Genius Corps consists of the Chairman and Ministers of The Dutch East India Company. This tier is the greatest of the two, as the authority here supersedes that of tier 2.

The mechanics, strategies, goals, and principles of Genius Corps are established here and are carried out in Tier 2.

Tier 2 Edit

Tier 2 of Genius Corps consists of the CEO(s) inside the alliance of Genius Corps. The CEO(s) of the alliance carry out orders issued by tier 1 and it's the last leg of bureaucracy before its' actions are implemented into the alliance. CEO(s) create alliance announcements, issue loans, and deal with most, if not all, of the foreign diplomacy and internal affairs. In addition he/she/they admit/decline members, and ensure members are following the established rules set in place at Genius Corps.

Tier 3 Edit

Tier 3 of Genius Corps consists of the two officer positions established at the alliance. They include Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State.

The Secretary of Defense's main job is to ensure members are following the raiding rules. Members who don't follow them are quickly removed from the alliance.

The Secretary of State's main job is to assist the CEO(s) in recruiting, and admitting/declining members.

Disbandment Edit

As of August 6th, 2015 (January 28, 1995 in-game) Genius Corps was dissolved back into The Dutch East India Company for the purpose of unification. Genius Corps was a success, recruiting many nations along with providing valuable experience to government officials on conducting daily alliance affairs.

Government officials in Genius Corps made the transition to The Dutch East India Company smooth and as painless as possible.

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