Ganbaatar Batu (Ганбаатар Бат Ganbaatar Bat) is a character in the Politics & War Roleplay Universe. He is a descendant of the 20th century Khan, Tögs-Ochiryn Namnansüren, and the current head of House Sain Noyon Khan, the Mongolian representatives in the Imperial Amenrian Court.

Background Edit

He met Cheonsa sometime during the Third World War and befriended him. They share the same principle of unity and peace through strength. After the war, they traced the history of Ganbaatar's family together and found out that he was indeed a descendant of Namnansüren. Cheonsa appointed his House to represent the Mongols in the Imperial Court not long after.

Appearance Edit

Ganbaatar is a well-built, middle-aged Asian man. He has black eyes and black hair, which is usually neatly kept. He has a thin moustache and usually wears formal clothes.

Personality Edit

Often called the Mongolian version of Cheonsa, he is a strict, disciplined, and serious leader with a soft side for children.

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