This is a record of Politics and War's changelog

05/14/2020 - 4 New Projects, Nation Score Change, and more

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that we’ve got a decent sized update here, with a lot of new content and some balancing changes. Here’s what’s just been implemented:

  • A link to the world graphs "Data Visualization" page has been added to the sidebar under the World heading
  • The nation Score formula has been changed. This will tighten war ranges and align score determinants more with their actual gameplay value
    • Score per City increased from 50 -> 100 (after City #1)
    • Added a base +10 Score to everyone
    • Changing military unit score to be closer to actual value:
      • Soldiers: 0.0005 -> 0.0004 each
      • Tanks: 0.05 -> 0.009 each
      • Aircraft: 0.5 -> 0.2 each
      • Ships: 2 -> 0.75 each
      • Score from Missiles and Nuclear Weapons are capped at 50 each (the 51st Missile or Nuclear Weapon will not add to your nation score.)
  • The "unraidable" money limit for nations has been increased from $100,000 -> $1,000,000
  • Ground Control has been changed. It no longer blocks your opponent from using 1/3 of their air force. Instead, once Ground Control has been established, all subsequent Ground Battles will destroy some of your opponent's Aircraft (based on the number of Tanks you send in battle.) This makes Ground Units somewhat of a counter to a superior air force
  • Aircraft rebuys have been changed from 1/6 daily to 1/5 daily to be in-line with Tanks and Ships. Hangars' max capacity has been reduced from 18 -> 15, but the daily purchase of 3 Aircraft per Hangar remains the same. This standardization of military units will make the game less confusing, and make losing your Aircraft less punishing.
  • Raw resource production has been changed to standardize some improvement quantities. In the future, we may increase the maximum bonus % from maxing out an improvement type in a city depending on how this change impacts supply.
    • Bauxite and Iron Mines increased from a maximum of 6 -> 10
    • Coal Mines and Oil Wells reduced from a maximum of 12 -> 10
    • Uranium Mines increased from a maximum of 3 -> 5
  • Four (4!) New National Projects have been added to the game
    • Recycling Initiative
      • Requirements: Center for Civil Engineering Project
      • Effect: Recycling Centers' pollution reduction is increased from 70 -> 75. Max recycling centers per city is increased from 3 -> 4
      • Cost
        • Cash: $10,000,000
        • Food: 100,000
    • Green Technologies
      • Requirements: City Planning and Space Program Projects
      • Effect: Pollution caused from refining resources is reduced by 25%. Pollution from farms is reduced by 50%. Subways pollution reduction is increased from 45 to 70. Upkeep from resource production is reduced by 10%
      • Cost
        • Cash: $100,000,000
        • Food: 250,000
        • Aluminum: 10,000
        • Iron: 10,000
        • Steel: 10,000
    • Pirate Economy
      • Requirements: Propaganda Bureau Project. Must have a combined 50 wars in "Wars Won", "Wars Lost" stats
      • Effect: Increase maximum offensive war slots from 5 -> 6
      • Cost
        • Cash: $10,000,000
        • Munitions: 10,000
        • Aluminum: 10,000
        • Gas: 10,000
        • Steel: 10,000
    • Telecommunications Satellite
      • Requirements: City Planning, Space Program, International Trade Center Projects
      • Effect: Commerce is increased in all cities by 2%. Maximum Commerce rates are increased by 10% in each city from 115% to 125%.
      • Cost
        • Cash: $300,000,000
        • Uranium: 10,000
        • Aluminum: 10,000
        • Iron: 10,000
        • Oil: 10,000
  • Adjustments have been made to casualty rates. They have been calibrated based on the percentage of your daily rebuy of units that can be killed (assuming an equal city opponent, both sides having maxed-out military.) so that is how I will present the changes. Note: These are averages (expected values) given that there is a lot of randomness in battle results.
    • Avg Soldiers Killed in a Ground Battle: 80% -> 25%
    • Avg Tanks Killed in a Ground Battle: 30% -> 40%
    • Avg Aircraft Killed in an Airstrike (not dogfight): 59% -> 29%
    • Avg Ships Killed in a Naval Battle: 120% -> 53%
    • Airstrikes on Units
      • Soldiers Killed Airstrike: 43% -> 25%
      • Tanks Killed Airstrike: 43% -> 14%
      • Ships Killed Airstrike: 41% -> 34%
      • Aircraft Killed Airstrike (Dogfight): 83% -> 53%
    • Aircraft Killed by Tanks in a Ground Battle: 0% -> 42%

04/10/2020 - Game Rules Additions

I have made a couple of additions to the game rules to promote fair play and help remove toxicity.

Coerced City Deletion

Players have the ability to destroy their own cities. Coercing others to destroy cities is strictly against the rules. This includes, but is not limited to:

Requiring city deletion as part of peace terms (for any war, individual or alliance) Depending on the severity and scale of the offense, this can result in anywhere from a moderation strike to a permanent ban. The punishment is subject to moderator discretion. Coerced Quitting / Forcing Players to Quit or Leave the Game

Bullying, harassing, or otherwise coercing/encouraging players to quit the game is against the rules. Depending on the severity and scale of the offense, this can result in anywhere from a moderation strike to a permanent ban. The punishment is subject to moderator discretion.

You can review the updated Game Rules here:

04/10/2020 - Alliance Creation Time Restriction

Due to some pushback, I've decided to temporarily reduce the time restriction on creating new alliances to 5 days from 21 days while I consider the measure further.

04/10/2020 - Restrictions on Alliance and City Creation

I have put in place some restrictions on alliance creation and city creation.

-You can now only create an alliance once per 21 days, starting now (i.e. it is not retroactive.) This is to reduce the alliance spam, "offshore" alliance bank abuse, etc. I know this is easily worked around by having your friend make an alliance for you, but it's at least a start in the right direction.

-If you delete a city, you cannot build a new city for 10 days. This is regardless of whether you have less than 10 cities or not (i.e. it supersedes that rule.) This is to eliminate the extreme "down-declaring" that was starting to happen, whereby players were destroying cities, declaring war, then rebuilding them to gain a huge advantage in wars.

04/06/2020 - Destroying Cities & City Name Length

City names can now be up to 50 characters long.

You can now destroy your cities. I've been getting many requests to have cities deleted, so I have implemented it directly into the game. If you sell a city to 0.01 infrastructure, a button will appear that will allow you to destroy it.

Note: You will not receive a refund. Destroying a city is NOT reversible. You will not be able to destroy your city if you have more National Projects than National Project Slots available.

03/18/2020 - Game Rules Update

I've updated the Game Rules to include specific rules prohibiting the following:

- Flashing imagery that could be annoying or cause seizures for epileptic users

- Excessively long images / text that can disrupt the normal flow of a nation or alliance page

- Plain text messages with the attempt to deceive other players, i.e. writing "This nation is in Vacation Mode for X turns" in your nation description

You can read the full updated Game Rules here:

03/16/2020 - Quality of Life Updates

A number of quality of life updates and bug fixes were just released:

• Changing message sorting to bring unread messages to the top of your inbox after favorited messages

• Fixed bug that was causing the Read/Unread message icons to display incorrectly

• Added “Number of Cities” to filter criteria on the nation search page

• Added “Number of Cities” to the sort criteria on the nation search page

• Added “Cities” as a column displayed on the nation search page

• Removed “Continent” as a column displayed on the nation search page

• Removed “Show Vacation Mode Nations” as a toggleable filter on the nation search page. Not displaying nations in Vacation Mode by default was confusing for some players.

• Added a “Vacation Mode for X days” indicator on the nation search page in the “Date Created” column for applicable nations

• Added acceptance date for Trades in Status column if the trade has been accepted

• Fixed a bug with how trades were being displayed on the “My Trade Offers” page and nation “Trade Activity” display page

• When clicking the “Create Offer” button on a trade page, if you have selected a resource the new offer will default to that resource

• Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Inbox page

• Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Trade page

• Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Nation Search page

• Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Alliance Search page

• Fixed a bug on the Conflicts page

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