Gadsden Accords
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United States of Terra
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Global Defense Administration
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Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: 22 April 2015
Treaty Terminated: 6 May 2015
Treaty Status: Defunct

Overview Edit

The Gadsden Accords was a Protectorate agreement between the United States of Terra and the Global Defense Administration. After Terradoxia was founded, GDA merged into Terradoxia.

Treaty Edit

Gadsden Accords

Article I: Preamble

The United States of Terra and Global Defense Administration do hereby, in mutual respect for one another, recognize this protectorate agreement as official and agree to all terms and conditions herein. They recognize that the GDA shall be deemed a protectorate of UST until such a time that GDA can stand independently as a sovereign alliance.

Article II: Protection

The UST agrees to offer immediate assistance, military and economic, necessary to ensure GDA’s protection and well being. The UST may, at its discretion, offer assistance to GDA for any offense wars they may partake in. The GDA is encouraged but not required to participate in wars involving the UST. No member of either alliance will declare war on the other signatory. This also includes actions that can be seen as a violation of peace such as aiding an enemy with economic support, military support, critical information, or spying.

Article III: Communication

Debate and discussion between signatories will be conducted regularly. The signatory alliances agree to share intelligence critical to either alliance’s safety. The UST will regularly advise the GDA on all appropriate matters.

Article IV: Economic Development

The UST agrees to provide economic assistance to the GDA, and will assist in building a strong economy for all GDA members. Both signatories agree to provide fair trade deals to one another.  The GDA agrees to abide by all financial terms set by the UST.

Article V: Cancellection

Either party may cancel this treaty with 72 hours notice to the other party. During the 72 hour period, the treaty remains completely in effect.

Article VI: Review

Both the GDA and the UST agree that after a period of 30 days from the signing of this treaty, they will review the status of the treaty in order to determine the continuation or discontinuation of this agreement. If a mutual agreement cannot be determined in a timely manner, the treaty will automatically extend for another 30 days and be reviewed again.


Signed for the United States of Terra Edit

President- Morgan

Vice President- James Faulkner

Secretary of Internal Affairs- sycho14k

Secretary of Foreign Affairs- Spencer Matthew

Secretary of Defense- SeeRed

Secretary of the Treasury- SeeRed

Secretary of Justice- Bryce Kelley


==== Signed for the Global Defense Administration
Prime Minister - Alkadi Yiri ====

Prime Minister - Sabarish

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