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GPA's Bizarre Adventure
Lawn Mower Flag.jpg
Flag GPA agreed to fly in exchange for peace with TEst
Date 03-19 July 2016
Casus belli Removal of GPA from rank #1 spot
Result GPA surrenders after taking massive damage
Preceded by
NPO's First Time ♥
Succeeded by
Storm Intervention
Mensa HQ

Arrgh Red Flag.png
Roz Wei
Terminus Est

Storm Division.png
Storm Division
Green Protection Agency Flag.png
Green Protection Agency

Mensaflag1.jpg Vanek26
Arrgh Red Flag.png Ogaden
Rwce.png Rozalia
Terminus.png Prefontaine
Storm Division.png Eddard Stark
Storm Division.png Zayden

Green Protection Agency Flag.png Oberstein

53 nations
112,000 score

164 nations
214,000 score

99 nations
171,000 score
Casualties and losses
Light (Exact Number Unknown) ~$17.8 billion worth of infra
~50 nations

GPA's Bizarre Adventure was a conflict that began on 3 July 2016 when Mensa HQ declared war on the Green Protection Agency.


In early June, GPA took major financial damage in Pixelgeddon, and lost about a fifth of its membership. However, they still retained the #1 spot in peacetime score.

GPA's large score during this time had made them relatively unpopular, with many on the Orbis forums arguing that neutrals should not get away with growing so powerful unopposed in a competitive game.

After NPO's First Time ♥ at the end of June, Mensa did not demilitarize, and instead rebuilt their forces. It was later revealed that they held an internal vote and decided to attack GPA.


On 3 July, Mensa declared war against GPA with a message about "mowing the lawn" in GPA's "unkempt garden". The attack seemingly took GPA by surprise, and Mensa gained the military advantage.

On 4 July, Terminus Est declared war followed by an Arrgh raiding notice. Roz Wei and Storm Division began raiding GPA without declaring war.

On 6 July, Storm Division left the conflict after signing white peace with GPA.

On 10 July, GPA made peace with Terminus Est, who created a modified flag that GPA agreed to fly for a month.

By 12 July, Roz Wei had ceased raiding GPA.

On 19 July, Mensa announced peace. GPA agreed to surrender, proclaim a conversion to Dioism, and hand over all treasures to Mensa for 10 months. By this point GPA had fallen to #19 on the alliance rankings.


July 3rd, 2016 - Mensa declares war on GPA

July 4th, 2016 - Terminus Est declares war and Arrgh, Roz Wei, and Storm Division begin raiding GPA

July 6th, 2016 - Storm Division signs white peace

July 10th, 2016 - Terminus Est announces peace

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