Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measurement of the wealth and resources generated by a nation over the period of one year. It is a cosmetic feature that has no gameplay effect.


GDP is determined in large part by a nation's net income, or gross income less gross expenses. Factors such as military and other expenses, as well as alliance taxes detract from a nation's GDP.


The net resources that a nation produces contribute to a nation's GDP, factored in at the current average market prices when GDP is calculated. For this reason, changes in average market prices can change the GDP of a nation, all other factors held constant.

GDP per Capita

GDP per Capita is the average GDP per citizen. A higher GDP per Capita generally indicates that a nation's citizens have a higher quality of life compared to a nation with a lower GDP per Capita.


GDP is the summation of a nation's net income per day, as well as the monetary value of net resources produced, multiplied by 365.24. It is calculated and updated each time a nation visits its Revenue page.


GDP = (Net Income Daily + (Net Resources Produced Daily * Average Market Prices)) * 365.24
GDP per Capita = GDP / Population

How To Increase Your Nation's GDP?

You can increase your nation's GDP by increasing economic output in any way (increasing resource or refined goods production, increasing city commerce or population, etc.). Sometimes it is enough to simply maximize efficiency of your resource production, adjusting it for production bonuses and producing resources with higher market value.


The list of Top 10 Nations by GDP can be viewed at

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