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The Frontier Sort Alliance (also known as the New Empire) was founded by Church Gourley after the fall of the Monroe Republic

The FSA was Originally founded by Bryon White before it's demise

Refounded after the Monroe Republic took a Vote to rename their selves.

Frontier Sort Alliance

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Basic Details
Headquarters North America
Color White
Status Defunct
Premier Church Gourley
SORT Soviet Official Redael
SORT Soviet Official Lord Hillsworth
SORT Soviet Official Selim Hermadjz
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The Alliance choose to refound due to their alliance members being from the Original FSA

The FSA was a Neutral Alliance

Recently the alliance changed their Government to a Left-Winged Alliance. The FSA is now a National Socialist/Communist nation.

The FSA held elections and the Frontier Communist Party took the Majority.

The alliance is currently ran by Premier Church Gourley along with his SORT Soviet Officials.

The SORT Soviet Officials watch over the alliance and make sure law is upheld at all times as long as consulting the Premier to help decide the future of the alliance.

Now Elections are held for the Council of Ministers and that is ran by the Chief of Ministry.

Citizens of the FSA are very satisfied with how things are running so smoothly. The Citizens live a high quality life and enjoy many benefits of being part of the Union of Soviet nations within the FSA.

The Soviet Government watchs over many alliances within the Treaty of Protection known as the Soviet Union of Alliances or also known as the SUA.

The Government Invites everyone to join and participate in True Communism and Socialism. We take pride knowing that we redeem the name of Communism which has been ruined by people such as Stalin.

This message has been approved by the Frontier Sort Alliance, and is the Official Information Page for the FSA.