Frontier Records

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Flag of Frontier Records

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Basic Details
Founded February 21, 2019
Color Maroon
Status Disbanded
Discord Server Join Here
Board of Directors Alexio15
Managers of Public Relations Fulcrum
Nick McScott
Managers of Security Kelsi
Manager of Human Resources Lucifer Morningstar
Manager of Finance Commander Wood
As of 12 March 2019
Total Nations 101
Score 186,640.34
Average Score 1,847.92
Alliance Rank 8
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Commonwealth
ODoAP Animation Domination
ODP The Fighting Pacifists
Protectorate Egyptian Empire
Protectorate The Underground

Frontier Records (abbreviated as FR) is a Maroon alliance formed through the merger between Bad Company and Rough Riders.

Frontier was split off into two different alliances - Sanreizan and Clan Callan. Clan Callan would join the ongoing global war after aligning themselves with The Knights Radiant with a protectorate treaty.


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