Free State of Deeglandia
Deputy Harold_Duighan
Member of New Ridge
Basic Information
Founded N/A
Color Beige
National Anthem N/A
National Statistics
Government Type Republic Republic
Social Policies File:N/A.png N/A
Economic Policies File:N/A.png N/A
Economy File:N/A.png N/A
Religion Christianity
Pollution 284 points
Currency Bitcoin
GDP $443,235,333.00
Civilians 276,325
Area 1,000 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 276.32 people/sq. mi people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name National Freedom Guard
Nation Rank #5,075
Score 416.74
Infantry 41,448
Tanks 135
Aircraft 31
Ships 2
Spies 0
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: N/A
Team: N/A
Win/Loss: N/A
Investment N/A
National Capital Freedonia
Other Cities 4

The Free State of Deeglandia is a Libertarian Republic ruled by Harold_Duighan in North America.

Founding of the Nation

The origins of the nation begin with its predecessor, the National State of Deegranto. Deegranto was ruled by the National Freedom Party, a fascist party led by Harold_Duighan, the Duce of Deegranto. This country only lasted for 49 days, however, due to Harold_Duighan beginning to become more Libertarian, and because of the country being decimated by repeated raids, causing the government to vote to dissolve the dictatorship. Due to this the Libertarians, along with Harold_Duighan, declared the Free State of Deeglandia on 5/22/2020. With this, Harold_Duighan became the Deputy of Deeglandia. The country joined the alliance of New Ridge on 5/27/2020. The country is currently a Beige nation.

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