Reunited Palmia Flag
Francisco II
Governor of Reunited Palmia
Reunited Palmia
Banana Republic
Governorship: 9 March 2016 - present
Nominated Governor: 9 March 2016
Predecessor: unknown
Successor: none
current alliance:
Green Protection Agency

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Joined 3/10/2016 (1,582 days ago)

Rank in Nation Strength:  #34
Government: Director of Internal Affairs
Awards: Ordem et Bananas
Occupation: Governor, Director, Writer and Hemp Farmer
Alignment: United for Palmia Party (left, liberal party)
Religion: None
Signature: Francisco2nd sig.png
Coat of arms:

Francisco II (holy Vatican State, Rome, cryogenic capsule #S2033, 8 March 2016) is a Palmian politician member of the United for Palmia Party, better known for ruling the country since it was born.

Reunited Palmia was born from the debris of the holy Vatican State, were a zombie plague had an outbreak after a bioterroristic attack. Police and Military failed to contain the plague, wich was spread in all of the Vatican's territory, so High Military Command was forced to nuke all of Italy in the last try to block the spreading virus. Pope Francisco's bunker was breached by zombies, wich guards failed to contain in the upper floors, after some time, they managed to breach the last block of the bunker, were the Pope with his last excort and fidels were all bitten by these zombies. The Pope ordered to his last man alive to finish him before he turned zombie. After killing the Pope the last Vatican State's representative killed himself before launching a pod with Pope's clone and some settlers in a safer place.

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