Republic of Foxburo

FoxburoPirate Flag of Republic of Foxburo

Sun shangxiang
President Fox Fire
Captain of Arrgh!
Basic Information
Founded 09/29/2014
Color black
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy Autocracy
Social Policies Libertarian Libertarian
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Currency Bitcoin
GDP $804,407,790.41
Civilians 412,281
Area 6,000 mi²
Military Strength
Military name Armed Forces of Foxburo
Score 422
Infantry 65,000
Tanks 0
Aircraft 85
Ships 15
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: Kalakov Stadium
Team: Foxes
Win/Loss: Who cares?
Investment 0
National Capital Vytal
Other Cities Kalakovgrad, Swords, Detrathe, Nepria, Arkaley

Overview Edit

  • Ruler: Fox Fire
  • Government type: Theocratic Parliamentary Republic
  • Capital: Vytal
  • Other Major Cities: Kalakovgrad, Swords, Detrathe, Nepria
  • Climate: Temperate/Tundra
  • National Religion: None
  • Currency: Ruble
  • Languages: Irish, Chinese (Both official), Russian, Norwegian, English, Japanese.
  • Alliance: Arrgh

Geography and ClimateEdit

Foxburo is an island nation in the northern hemisphere with a temperate and tundra climate. Mostly mountainous with with temperate forests covering about 34% of the nations land. Its home to Mt. Aen, one of Orbis' largest composite volcanoes. The average temperatures of Foxburo range from about -32°- 42°F in the winter and 22°- 94°F in the summer.

Economy Edit

The foundation of Foxburos economy was created on steel and munitions manufacturing as well as banking and investments in foreign nations.


Foxburo is a nation well known for its diverse cultures and people including east Asian, Slavic, Nordic, and Celtic. Taoism is the largest religion in Foxburo, although the state does not recognize any official religion. Other major religions include Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Celtic and Norse Paganism and Islam. The citizens of Foxburo are resilient yet welcoming people, generally open to immigration and other cultures.

Foxburan cuisine is generally based on seafood, dairy, rice and potatoes, which tend to make up many of the traditional dishes in Foxburo. Popular beverages include tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages such as beer, whiskey, sake and wine.

Gender equality is highly promoted in Foxburo, although there is no legal concept of marriage. Women have the right to an abortion in Foxburo so long as the procedure is preformed within the first trimester of pregnancy. Capital punishment is constitutionally banned while occupational discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or membership of the traveling community is illegal.


PicsArt 1405663396571 zps4lpwgxby

Logo of Foxburo Journal

Foxburo Journal (FJ) is a government run media and is the primary media source for Foxburo citizens. Media is regulated by the government in Foxburo, although the government is  generally lenient about restrictions as to not violate freedom of speech.

Military Edit

Foxburo Emblem 100

Emblem of the SRoF Armed Forces

The military is made up of the Army, Navy and Air Force of Foxburo. It is small but well equipped, with a full time navy, air and ground force. RoF works in partnership with Arrgh in military operations around the world.


Foxburo Emblem2

Foxburo is a Republic under the leadership of the President. The Senate is the unicameral national parliament. There are five official political parties in Foxburo.


The official party of President Fox Fire. Sionnach is moderate-left party, but generally has some politically conservative policies and has always worked closely with the Communist Party. Sionnach became popular during the Red Fox Revolution when the Fox Party (now Fianna Fox) lost popularity due to accusations of corruption, human rights abuses and an ongoing civil war. FP was later forced out of power by Sionnach and the Communist Party- Fox Fire was named a Premier and CPRoF took control of the government while allowing the Fox Party to remain as a political party under required reforms.

Communist PartyEdit

The Communist Party of the Republic of Foxburo (CPRoF) is a party that traditionally, has always worked closely with Sionnach. The party is heavily influenced by the politics of Socialism, Marxism, Leninism, and Trotskyism. CPRoF became popular during the Red Fox Revolution when the Fox Party (now Fianna Fox) lost popularity due to accusations of corruption, human rights abuses and an ongoing civil war. FP was later forced out of power by Sionnach and the Communist Party- Fox Fire was named a Premier and CPRoF took control of the government while allowing the Fox Party to remain as a political party under required reforms.

Nationalist PartyEdit

A party that is rather divided compared to other parties in RoF. The Nationalist Party consists of a variety of different Nationalist beliefs and has historically held small number in the Senate. It is generally popular among the Slavic population and far right ideologies.

Fianna FoxEdit

A conservative party that is highly respected by much of the nation, particularly among the Celtic population. FF is the remnants of the Fox Party. Despite past conflicts and creating a civil war, they have been able to maintain respect and influence  throughout Foxburo as "the only conservative party." They maintain a very strong public voice.


A party of various political ideals merging into one. Overall, the Independents tend to attract conservatives and libertarians.

History Edit

September 2014 Edit


  • The Socialist Republic of Foxburo (SRoF) founded in the city of Vytal


  • SRoF annexes the city of Kalakovgrad.

Novermber 2014 Edit


  • SRoF annexes the city of Swords

December 2014 Edit


  • Foxburo places an embargo on the nation of Apache PMC for unjustified attacks against foreign nations.

12/19/2014 - 12/24/2014

  • Apache PMC launches air strikes on Foxburos capital city of Vytal.
  • SRoF strikes back and quickly pushes Apache forces back, ending the conflict and causing heavy damage to Apache PMC.

January 2015 Edit


  • City of Detrathe founded.



  • France declares war on Foxburo in defense of Saturn.


  • Foxburo is attacked by Romulus

February 2015 Edit

2/2/2015 - 2/8/2015

  • Foxburo is attacked by WashingtonDC.
  • Foxburo is attacked by Techno Union.
  • Foxburo is attacked by Slicktenstein.


  • Fox Fire requests an end to the pirate raids by Arrgh.
  • Pirate raids cease.


  • City of Nepria founded.


  • Foxburo embargoes The United States of America.

March 2015 Edit


  • Foxburo embargoes the Spanish State.
  • Foxburo announces international embassy, condemnation and embargo against ISAF.


  • Foxburo ends the embargo placed on Spanish State after the nation leaves ISAF.
  • Foxburo ends embargo placed on New Red Alliance.


  • Foxburo declares war on Canada in efforts to increase the Red color stock.


  • Foxburo forces withraw from Canada after major victories in Niagara Falls.


April 2015 Edit






May 2015 Edit



  • Nation of Foxburo collapses.

October 2015 Edit


  • Nation of Foxburo re-established.
  • Foxburo joins Arrgh.


  • Foxburo becomes involved in Arrghs war with declarations against Viridian Entente.

November 2015 Edit


  • City of Swords recaptured.


  • City of Detrathe recaptured.


December 2015 Edit


January 2016 Edit


  • The Monroe Republic declares War on Piracy - Foxburo attacks United Arms Manufacturers.


  • MDMA enters War on Piracy - Foxburo attacks PyroStat.


  • War on Piracy ends. Foxburo and Arrgh are victorious.
  • City of Arkaley founded.


  • War on Piracy is followed by Rum War.
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