Formula One

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The Manhattan Cartel
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Treaty Type: MDoAP Bloc
Treaty Signed: 18 Dec 2019
Treaty Status: defunct

Formula One is a MDoAP bloc signed between The Commonwealth. The Manhattan Cartel, Weebunism, North Point and Demacia. IronFront was added to the bloc on 22 December 2019.

On 22 January 2020, IronFront announced that they were leaving the bloc. Demacia merged into Gentlemens Gaming and Fisticuffs Union on 8 February 2020. The Manhattan Cartel merged into Terminus Est on 23 Feb 2020.


We the sovereign powers of The Commonwealth, The Manhattan Cartel, Weebunism, North Point and Demacia in recognising the shared mutual ambitions of all parties have agreed to the following articles:

Article I: Outstanding ServiceEdit

Any signatory who leaves the bloc in good standing shall be subject to a 4 month Non-Aggression Pact binding to all existing parties of the Bloc.

Article II: Mutual DefenceEdit

All signatories agree to aid any other signatory should they come under attack. This article shall be voided in the event a signatory was not notified of aggressive plans which resulted in a defensive war against a bloc member.

Article III: Optional AggressionEdit

No signatory party to this treaty shall be required to participate in the offensive wars of another signatory. However the cooperation of all parties in military operations for the benefit of the group as a whole are strongly encouraged.

Article IV: Ultra-SupremacyEdit

This pact shall take precedence over any and all current and future treaties of all signatories. In the event an ally of a signatory member attacks another signatory, that signatory will consider their other treaty null and void and activate Article II.

Article V: Political IndependenceEdit

All signatories party to this treaty that wish to sign a treaty with a party outside this bloc, shall notify the bloc 7 days in advance for discussions. Upon completion of said discussions the bloc shall vote on whether to allow said treaty to be signed.

Article VI: Intelligence SharingEdit

All signatories agree to share any and all intelligence information pertaining to the security of another immediately. This includes but is not limited to war plans, potential attacks and leaks.

Article VII: LeaksEdit

All signatories to this treaty agree never to leak information regarding another treaty member. Furthermore Sphinx must buy each leader a city for any leaks from tCW resulting in a major war against the coalition or publicly apologise for said leak especially if it causes another war.

Article VIII: New FriendsEdit

Any alliance wishing to become a signatory of the bloc must first contact each signatory alliance leader. Following that the bloc will discuss the request with the potential signtory, once discussions have concluded the bloc will then vote on entry for the potential signtory. A unanimous vote is required for admission

Article IX: Lost FriendsEdit

Any alliance wishing to withdraw from this bloc must notify every signatory and issue a 72 hour notice. In the event the bloc wishes to eject a signatory they can do so with a unanimous vote.

Article X: Anti-HegemonyEdit



The CommonwealthEdit

Prime Minister: Sphinx
Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui

Minister of Finance: Christian Dahl
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui
Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar
Marshal of The Commonwealth: RightHonorable
Minister of Communications: Haris
Minister of Growth: Skepta

Deputy Ministers of Finance: Edgeworth, LukeTP, Putmir Vladin
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Aesir
Deputy Minister of Defense: Pericles, Reuben, Lee II
Deputy Minister of Communications: Malleator
Deputy Minister of Growth: Dillon I

Advisors: Who Me, Kalev60, Julian Rederic Gray,  Sven Shieldmaker

The Manhattan CartelEdit

Daddy: Dreki Darwin

The Odd Couple: Kim Jong-Unn, Gatorcock
Grand Council:  Kiwi, Otto Von Bismarck


General Secretary: Empiur

Primier: Thinkpitz

Comissars: Kizusu, Ezen the Great, Osku, Domais, Madokami, piss face, Ivan

North PointEdit

Colonel: Akuryo
Major of Operational Command(milcom): Anneal
Major of Personal Command(Internal Affairs): Fairymoon
Major Logistics Command(Economic Affairs): Solar
Major of PR Command(Foreign Affairs): Akuryo

Chief Master Sergeant of Custodian Operations: REAP3R
Chief Master Sergeant of Operational Command: Hidellith/Joseph
Chief Master Sergeant of Personal Command: Nightblade
Chief Master Sergeant of Logistics Command: General of the Union


King: Supercheese
Crown Prince: Mathew the Great

Prince of Milcom: germain
Prince of Internal Affairs: Matthew the Great
Prince of Foreign Affairs: Leo

Royal Advisor: Yosodog


Konig: Tom Riddle
Furst: Mad Max

Junkers: Sir Greggory, Bariona Gador, Vildermore

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