The Grand Duchy of Finland Flag

The Grand Duchy of Finland's flag

Even though the Grand Duchy of Finland is no longer and independent state now, it has still made many diplomatic ties which have been successful to the growth, security, and prosperity of the country.

The Kingdom of Sweden Edit

The Kingdom of Sweden Flag

The flag of The Kingdom of Sweden

The Grand Duchy of Finland has extremely good relations with The Kingdom of Sweden, as the Swedish King Zafrizackery and the Finnish Grand Duchess Sintiya are siblings. The Kingdom of Sweden also has some control over Finland. Finland was heavily reliant on Sweden for defense and economic aid at the time of its creation.

Rokkenjima Edit

Rokkenjima Eva-Beatrice Flag

The flag of Rokkenjima

The Grand Duchy of Finland and Rokkenjima also have extremely good diplomatic ties with one another due to the marriage of Grand Duchess Sintiya and Eva-Beatrice, further uniting the diplomatic relations of both countries. Finland also enjoys strong military support from Rokkenjima and is protected by Mariage Sorciere.

The Greater Meta Republic Edit

Meta Board New Flag

The flag of the Greater Meta Republic

The Grand Duchy of Finland and the Greater Meta Republic have very good diplomatic relations following the marriage of Sintiya and Eva-Beatrice. Both leaders used to dislike each other due to Solaris' hatred of humans. However, the relationship between both leaders seems to be improving at the moment.

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